His soul match has powers beyond comprehension…and she needs his body to awaken them. 

Boreas, now Brett, is one of the most powerful warriors of the fae world, and not worried at all about his undercover mission to assist humanity in fighting off rogue chaos princes. Until he meets Avery Williams and feels a bond that entwines his very fate with hers. 

He’d die for her, fight with his giant wand for her, and show her his true form if only she would stop calling him crazy and let him awaken the hidden passion inside her heart. 

Avery pretends to lead a normal life, while secretly helping the world with powers she doesn’t understand and never asked for. But the odd, impossibly gorgeous man downstairs is ruining everything, calling to her heart and body as never before. 

When darkness comes for Avery, Brett is there, giving her a glimpse into a world she never imagined. A world of danger and magic and wonder. A world where she might not survive if she doesn’t awaken her powers, and learn about the powerful bonds that can either make her and Brett stronger or tear them both apart. 

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Wings, Wands, and Soul Bonds series include —  Found by Frost – Defended by Darkness – Held by Heat – Loved by Light –

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