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Grizzly Flying HighTitle:  Grizzly Flying High
Series:  Air Bear Shifters #1
Author:  Sloane Meyers
Published:  February 3, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Amanda Parker is tired of pretending to be someone she’s not. But she’s been pretending so long that she can’t even remember who she is anymore. She decides to leave behind her life of rules and expectations and escape to the Alaskan wilderness to find herself. But when she unexpectedly finds romance on her journey, she has to decide whether she has room in her new life for a man—especially a man as unique as the gorgeous Alaskan hunk who’s been keeping an unusual secret from her.

Grizzly shifter Sawyer Williams is a busy man. As the alpha to a group of Alaskan grizzlies, he is duty-bound to protect his clan and put their well being above his own at all times. Between working as a pilot for his tour company and taking care of clan business, he’s left with precious little time to find a mate. He’s nearly given up on love when destiny brings the beautiful Amanda Parker across his path. He wants nothing more than to make her his own, but a crisis within his clan requires him to put duty ahead of romance.

Will Sawyer get a chance to show Amanda how he feels before it’s too late? And can Amanda find the courage to make love a part of her new journey?

Shifters are very sensuous creatures and never hesitate to show their mates their love physically – so this is an 18+ reader story.

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Protector PantherTitle:  Protector Panther
Series:  Protection, Inc. #3
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  January 3, 2016
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Paramedic Catalina Mendez just flew back to America after months of volunteering in a disaster-stricken country. Reluctant to return to her lonely home and empty bed, she decides to take a late-night stroll. Then a handsome wounded man collapses at her feet. He tells her to run to save herself, but Catalina refuses to leave him. When they’re both kidnapped by a ruthless black ops agency, the adventure that follows will test her courage— and her heart— to the limit.

Panther shifter Shane Garrity is the odd man out among the bodyguards of Protection, Inc., an all-shifter private security agency. His cool exterior conceals unique powers… and dark secrets. The last thing he wants is to fall in love. But when he meets Catalina, he recognizes his mate. He’d die to protect her. But if he reveals his love, their kidnappers will use his feelings against them both.

Can Shane and Catalina break free of the sinister black ops agency? And can a fearless woman and a man who uses fear as a weapon face the one thing that scares them both, and open their hearts to love?

Shifters never hesitate to show their physical love for their mates – and Shane is certainly no exception so this is an 18+ story.

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Bear-ly A HeroTitle:  Bear-ly A Hero
Series:  Bear Claw Security #2
Author:  Terry Bolryder
Published:  January 24, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Josh “Limes” Harris is good with computers, great at fighting, terrible with people. As an accomplished hacker for Bear Claw Security, he’s used to providing support from the office…and never leaving it. So when he’s forced to take a bodyguard job because the client insists on hiring him, he’s one grumpy bear. Especially when the client mistakes him for one of the bad guys and attacks him. Limes is ready to walk away, until he realizes the sweet brunette with killer curves that just swung at him might just be his mate.

When Jamie insisted on hiring the tech guy at bear security, she was hoping to work with someone quiet and nerdy and unassuming, unlike the other big, bad bears there. Instead, the tech guy turns out to be the most intimidating of all, a giant bear shifter with tattoos, bulging muscles, piercing green eyes and a permanent scowl. He’s determined to stay and protect her, and with the forces on her tail, Jamie doesn’t have much choice. Even if men like Limes, tall and hot and intimidating, always make her want to run and hide.

But the longer they’re together, the more Jamie’s fear is turning to attraction for her sexy, strong protector. And Limes feels that Jamie brings out sides of him he didn’t know existed. He’s truly falling for the gorgeous girl he’s guarding. Now he just has to keep her safe long enough for them to have a happily ever after.

Shifters and their mates are extremely sexual in their showing love to their mate – so this one is an 18+ story.

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Bear To The BoneTitle:  Bear To The Bone
Series:  Bear Claw Security #1
Author:  Terry Bolryder
Published:  January 11, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Cage McCann and Carrie Miller go way back. As kids, they meant everything to each other. But Cage left town years ago to escape his future as leader of the local motorcycle gang, the Aces, and though he promised to come back, Carrie has given up on seeing him again. Until he shows up at her bar and pulls her into a sensuous, soul-shaking kiss and back into his life, which is currently full of danger and secrets beyond what Carrie can imagine.

Cage has never forgotten Carrie. After serving in the special forces and then starting up a private security company, he has just been waiting for the right time to go back, claim her as his…and tell her that the man she has always loved can actually shift into a bear. But when Carrie is in danger from the very biker gang he tried to escape, Cage drops everything to protect her. The only problem? In order to make sure she is never in danger again, he has to go undercover as an Ace.

Making Carrie fall in love with him while wearing Ace leather isn’t going to be easy, but if Cage blows his cover, he risks losing his chance to rid the town of the Aces once and for all. Now Cage will just have to prove that the Aces may be bad to the bone, but Cage is bear to the bone, and no one messes with what a bear holds dear.

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Valentine's Surprise Bearly Healed sequelTitle:  Valentine’s Surprise
Series:  Pacific Northwest Bears #6.5
Author:  Moxie North
Published:  February 6, 2016
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Cash and Cassie from Bearly Healed return for their first Valentine’s Day together.

Keeping a secret from a bear shifter isn’t as easy as it seems…

Cash Rochon knows his mate Cassie is keeping a secret, his bear knows too. He is thrilled but doesn’t want to spoil her surprise.

Valentine’s Day was not Cassie’s favorite holiday, but this year she has big news she can’t wait to share with the man of her dreams. News this special needs a big splashy reveal. But how to do it?

Two people so perfectly matched in love, they both think up the perfect way to surprise each other. Coincidence or fate?

A beary special Valentine’s Day needs flowers, NO cards, Thai food, and a number of unexpected surprises.

There is little that Cash and Cassie love more than getting to the lovin’ time.  Shifters are extremely sexual beings as are their mates… so this one is an 18+ story.

Read on for my thoughts on Valentine’s Surprise.

The Bear With No NameTitle:  The Bear With No Name
Series:  standalone
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  September 26, 2015
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Lauren Gold is a curvy and confident woman with plans for her future. But her plans didn’t include a gorgeous injured hiker with amnesia, let alone a natural disaster cutting her whole town off from civilization!

The handsome man she finds injured on the mountainside remembers nothing of his life. All he knows is that he’s strong and loyal and he likes to help people. But before he can find out more, a flood strands him in her town. And that’s when he learns something else about himself: he’s head-over-heels in love with Lauren.

But when he discovers that he can turn into a bear, everything changes. Can he trust the beast inside him, or does he need to leave Lauren forever to keep her safe?

This Shifter may not remember who he is – but he knows that lovin’ his mate is a necessity so 18+ readers

Read on for my thoughts on The Bear With No Name.

Mountain BearTitle:  Mountain Bear
Series:  Bear Haven #1
Author:  Terry Bolryder
Published:  September 15, 2015
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Bear shifter Shane McAllister never thought he’d use an online dating site, but right now he’s desperate. He has just months to find a mate before he and his brothers lose the family ranch. When one of his brothers makes some ‘creative’ changes to his profile, tricking a city girl into a dangerous situation, it’s up to Shane to come to the rescue. When he does, he’s shocked to come face to face with a curvy sweetheart who just happens to be his fated mate.

Ruby doesn’t know what she’s doing, flying out to to a remote town in Montana meet a man she’s only seen on a dating profile. But something about Shane’s gorgeous green eyes makes makes her want to take chances. Until her journey leads her to a remote bar, surrounded by rough men. Things seem bleak, until Shane himself comes striding into the bar, throws her over his shoulder, and carries her out.  Perhaps mountain men do things different after all…

Against all odds, the two of them click instantly, and Shane is every bit as good of a lover as he is a sexy rancher. But Shane has more than one secret that he needs to tell his new found love before they can be together, and there are more than just bears roaming in the mountains above Bear Haven.

Some wild country lovin’ with these shifters and their mates – 18+ readers.

Read on for my thoughts on Mountain Bear.

Undercover Bear GavinTitle:  Undercover Bear:  Gavin
Series:  Undercover Bear #2
Author:  Terra Wolf
Published:  February 23, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  ARC provided by author
Cover Description:

As part of an undercover shifter unit in an elite sector of Seattle’s police department, Gavin has spent his life serving his city. No one is above the law, and he does whatever it takes to protect the innocent.

Tasha never thought she’d escape the horror of being captured by Purest Inc, but after being rescued she’s now under the protection of a bear shifter. Only, it feels more like she’s lost her freedom again.

Gavin’s assignment is to keep the tiger shifter safe until she is called to testify against the organization who kidnapped her. But his strength is tested. His bear is challenged. And his heart is vulnerable as he and Tasha wait out the trial together.

Gavin struggles to keep Tasha safe, while fighting against feelings that are too hard to resist.

Remember, Shifters are highly sexual and they will always be certain that their mate is well loved – in all ways.  So this is an 18+ story.

Read on for my thoughts on Undercover Bear: Gavin.

P N W Werebear Series 1-3Title:  P. N. W. Werebears Series Bundle of 1-3
Series:  Pacific Northwest Bears #1 -# 2 -# 3
Author:  Moxie North
Published:  May 2015 (combined offer)
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Owned
Cover Description:

The Rochon brothers are your everyday loggers running a timber company in the Pacific Northwest. During the day they are all about the trees, at night they let their bears out to roam the forests.

Cage, Wyatt, and Conner have spent the last forty plus years searching for The One. Their one true mate. Cage and Wyatt are lucky enough to find their mates close to home and to their surprise, they are human. Conner’s mate is more unexpected, but knows all about shifters.

Before they can settle into a life of love and cubs, they must face the challenges to their happily ever afters. An unseen force is sabotaging their equipment and endangering, not only their secret as shifters, but the lives of their loved ones too.

Finding love and fighting for the safety of their family is enough to keep these boys busy for decades to come.

Honey, donuts, and cougars are the glue that will keep their family together.

Pacific Northwest Werebears in this bundle: 
Bearly Cooking
Bear in Mind
Bear With Me

Be aware, Shifters never hesitate to physically show their mates how much they love and desire them.. a lot.  So this is an 18+ reader series.

~ * ~

Honestly, this post is simply a reminder that the first three stories in Moxie North’s Pacific Northwest Bears series is now available in a bundle.  All three at once.  Sweet!  🙂

I love this series – and although there are several more stories that have been (and hopefully will be) written about these sexy Shifters… if you haven’t checked out this series yet this is a perfect way to do just that.  You’ll get the story from the beginning and then can decide to continue on with the rest of the stories.  Right now,  we are up to #6.5, so there is more to look forward to if you’re just starting out with the Rochon family of Shifters and their mates.

Available for the Kindle:

Bearly BreathingTitle:  Bearly Breathing
Series:  Pacific Northwest Bears #6
Author:  Moxie North
Published:  February 7, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

She’s not looking for a white knight …

Single mom Gemma Ellis loves her son — and hates asking for help. Her no-account ex has taught her she can’t rely on anyone but herself, even if that means working two jobs and barely scraping by.

Big, burly, handsome doctor Eddie Rochon makes Gemma wonder if good men are more than a myth. She’s tempted to give him a chance … but trust is hard after all she’s been through.

He’s ready to save the day …

Eddie’s a polar bear shifter with a gift for taking care of people … and a bit of a gnome problem. When he realizes the curvy brunette with the adorable little boy is his mate, his need to help her kicks into overdrive–but if he tries too hard, he’ll drive her away.

Welcome home … or see you later?

When Gemma’s ex turns up, things get even more complicated. Can Eddie protect his new found family and convince his mate that he’s not like other men she’s known? Or will her self-reliance blind her to the truth?

All hot, sexy shifters have no hesitation in getting some serious loving going on with their mates… very hot and sexy.  So, this is an 18+ reader story.

Read on for my thoughts on Bearly Breathing.