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Boarlander Beast BoarRebecca ‘Beck’ Anderson is in Damon’s mountains for one thing: to improve public relations between shifters and humans. She has a heap of reasons the shifter rights vote has to go their way, but when she meets her driver, Mason Croy, the sexy boar shifter is adding one more. Mason is smokin’ hot, and just her type if she wasn’t reeling from a divorce that has left her drained. Even if her heart was open to moving on, Mason is dealing with things she can’t understand. Brawling publicly to escape his pain seems to be the beast boar’s go-to method of therapy, but he’s making her job as shifter publicist harder as he spirals out of control. All she needs to do is keep her head down, and work for that pretty salary Damon has promised her, but Mason is a mystery she becomes desperate to solve. He’s wrecking those walls she’s constructed around her heart one by one, but the more she gets to know him, the more she realizes Mason’s past could be the death of her.

Mason Croy has been doing a bang-up job of hiding from his past in Damon’s mountains but now it’s coming back to haunt him, and his boar is on a tear. All he wants is to be left alone to spiral, but now the beautiful publicist he’s been hired to drive around has him wishing he could be a better man. He hasn’t paired up with a mate for a reason. Not only is Beck’s interest in him dangerous for her, but she’s conjuring a destiny he just can’t escape—one that could bring destruction to all the people he cares about.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Boarlander Bears series include:  Boarlander Boss Bear – Boarlander Bash Bear – Boarlander SilverbackBoarlander Beast Boar – Boarlander Cursed Bear

This series is part of the overarching set of series that make up Damon’s Mountains.  All the series and titles can be found on my T.S. Joyce author page.

Harden Archer had lost everything. His family, his friends, his homeland. Even his wolf. Now, living on the goodwill of the shifter territory of Cadia, he must find a way to recover from the torture he’s suffered in the past, become a productive member of society, and even find a mate. So when he receives a fancy invitation to the Shifter Ball, he decides that he’s going to go, even if it’s unlikely he’ll find a mate. But the moment his eyes land on the woman in the shimmering purple dress, he knows he was very, very wrong. 

Erika Rey was wasting her time. She wasn’t even sure she wanted a shifter for a mate. She was already carrying the child of one within her, thanks to a villainous—but now destroyed—human corporation. Did she really want to bring another into her life? Saying no to the invitation wasn’t really an option though. The shifters of Cadia had given her food, clothing, and shelter. The least she could do is go to the Shifter Ball. But she wouldn’t dance with anyone. Certainly not the unbelievably gorgeous Harden, whose lean, hard muscle and pale green eyes speak of so much pain. Absolutely not. No way. 

One dance later, the pair have hit it off, bringing smiles to both of their faces. The real challenge has just begun though. By associating herself with Harden, Erika finds out that she’s put a lot in jeopardy, including her unborn child. Not everyone likes the outsider, and several of them have made it their mission to run him out of town. Or else. But Harden is done backing down. It’s time to show them all who the big bad wolf in town really is. 

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Fated Mates Romance series include:  Wing Her OverBig Bad Wolf Dad – Big Bad Bear Dad –

The Fated Mates Romance series is part of these connection set of series:  Top Flight Academy, Dragons of Cadia, Base Camp Bears and The Koche Brothers (Blackjack Bears).  A full list of the titles in these series can be found on the Amelia Jade page.

Living peacefully in the Mourne Mountains of Ireland, Connor’s life completely changes when he learns the truth behind his father’s death.

Out for vengeance, there’s just one thing in his way, and her name is Emily. She’s a new dragon in town and he can’t keep his eyes off her.

Will he risk it all for revenge or can Emily change his mind before it’s too late?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Exiled Dragons serial include:  Betrayed by a Dragon –  Saved by a Dragon – Loved by a Dragon – Desired by a Dragon – Touched by a Dragon – Seeking the Dragon – Journey to India – Stuck in the Cabin –

It’s sometimes hard for me to believe that Shifter Haven has been up and running since December 5, 2015.  What started out as an additional blog for my special love for all things Shifter has become, if not my main blog, than my second home away from Keeper Bookshelf 

As we’re heading into June of 2017 I’ve managed to complete, so far, one goal for this blog for this year and onward – at least one daily post.  I’m happier with that amount rather than one post today and three the next and two the next  that was happening last year  I am so in love with scheduled posts now, I don’t know how I could keep up this pace without them.  Occasionally you’ll still see two posts when I’ve finished a current story that already has the previous ones in the series posted – and to keep timely for authors for I do understand the value of timely posts of new releases.

I’ve met some amazing, talented authors through this blog.  Some have requested reviews of their current books, others I’ve “met” while scrolling through the books over at Amazon.  I’ve tried to add new to me authors often, of course, we all have our favorites – but that list can always be increased with new talent.  I’ve loved seeing the different slants on Shifter lore from different authors, that always keeps my reading interesting and lively for certain.  Discovering Kindle Unlimited (a thank you to my son’s Christmas gift one year) has only broadened my horizons on Shifter stories and other genre.  The length of the majority of Shifter Romance stories is long enough to give me a good story experience, and short enough that I can easily fit in an hour or two of reading at some point in the day to keep that daily post goal of mine a reality.

Now that I’m fairly certain that I can keep this scheduled ahead pace going, it’s time to start up the second goal I have for Shifter Haven this year.  And that is to go back to the authors and series that I began reading long before this blog was even a distant wish.  Authors like Christine Feehan and her amazing Shifter series to which I’m addicted.  Her Leopard series is a favorite but, gosh, I love the (Dark) Carpathians so much that I’m tempted to start putting the Carpathians here as well for while there may be vampires there are also shapeshifters as well.  So Leopard series for certain.  Carpathians probably.  A Lion’s Pride series by Eve Langlais will be starting this week – I’m enjoying re-reading those to update my memory before I do the reviews.  And a few others that I’ll get started on this year.  Most require a re-read for I want my memory of the story to be correct, but re-reading those stories is no harsh chore at all.

I believe I have a handle on how I want the rest of the year to go for Shifter Haven – but life often has other plans, so I’ll just cross my fingers for luck.  But it does feel good to have a plan of operational intent in place, on paper at least *grin*

I’m faced with one of those “reading dilemmas” that we often have to deal with when we follow the works of some authors.  I’ve loved Elle Thorne’s stories, the same with Lia Davis’ works… and honestly the list could go on and on – and I’ve read many of them before I got involved deeply in book blogging.

But time restraints and discovering new to me authors has put me way behind on various series.  Now I have a decision to make.  Pick up the newest story and fill in the back list as I can.  Or pick up where I left off and get caught up?

It sounds like it should be an easy decision, right?  Yet I’m hesitating.  I understand the value of current reviews to authors.  I do.  So in my book blogger mind I’m thinking grab the newest story and add what I’ve missed over time.  As a reader, knowing that often series segue-way from one into the next with themes and occasionally cross over characters, I know I “should” just pick up where I left off.  At this point, it’s a battle between the logical blogger and the emotional reader.  I’ve a good idea of who will win out – I “could” compromise and grab the newest, and read the back list in between new releases.

So now I’m curious – How do YOU catch up on back lists or series?

Are you a reader who grew up on or has discovered Classic Romance style stories over the years?  I grew up with those types of Romances, heck I still download my monthly fix from a well known publishing house every month.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  *grin*

As a lover of all things Shifter I am over the moon happy to have discovered a new romance line:

Howls Romance

These Classic style romances give us everything we love about these types of love story… but makes them the fury kind… shapeshifters… shifters… were-whatevers.

Absolutely freakin’ genius.

I’ve picked up the first one available which is Celia Kyle’s “The Werewolf Tycoon’s Secret Baby”  I’m in the middle of reading this one and a review will be up shortly.  The other two releases in this line for March are:  Claire Pike’s ” Pregnant With The Werelion King’s Cub” … and Jessie Lane’s “The Alpha’s Secret Family

Right now new releases are coming out every week, but I get the impression that will not always be the case – but it won’t matter to me, I’ll be watching for the newest releases through author’s newsletters or simply looking through Amazon’s offerings.

If you love Shifter Romance, and you also have a taste for the Classic Romance themes, then the Howls Romance line is exactly what you’ve (we’ve) been looking for.  I’m enjoying the “howl” out of the first one and can’t wait til the rest are available.

Check them out and enjoy.

I love Shifter Romance.  I think that’s pretty obvious by a blog devoted to them and how often I post reviews about the books I’ve read.

However.  I have a notebook sized piece of paper, written on both sides are Shifter books I’ve read in 2016 and didn’t “have the time” to review immediately after closing the book.  Yeah.  Well, that backfired on me.  And you know if you follow this blog, that I do a lot of reviews.  Even with that amount, I still couldn’t keep current.  So now I’ve got to come up with a plan to get those reviews done.  That means maybe 4 or more reviews per day for a while.  I hate to do that because it’s an overload in people’s feeds… but, still I need to get caught up.  It’s a touch choice.

I wish I could have started 2017 with a clean, fresh slate on all my blogs… but reality happens, ya know?  So mixed in with what I’ve currently just finished reading will be some additional reviews as well.  Dang, Shifter Romance is so addicting!  And so easy to fit in whenever there’s a spare hour or so.  No wonder I’m behind.  *grin*

Anyway, I hope you find these additional reviews interesting.  (trust me, there’s a whole lot that you’ll never see because they weren’t worth the time to review… and I hate to be mean and say – it sucked)

blackwing-defenderTitle:  Blackwing Defender
Series:  Kane’s Mountains #1
Author:  T. S. Joyce
Published:  September 6, 2016
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Panther shifter, Winter Donovan, has her life all planned out: claiming marks, marriage, cubs, and pledging to the Red Havoc Crew. But when the man she cares for chooses another, her life gets caught in a tailspin. A new crew announcement could mean a change in her stars, but there is a catch. It’s the Blackwing Crew, and is run by fire-breathing dragon shifters. Not only that, but when she finds her bravery to travel to the Smoky Mountains and apply, the crew has somehow attracted the most damaged and terrifying shifters in the world. And one of those has his sexy eyes on her.

Logan is decisively deadly when it comes to protecting the fledgling Blackwing Crew, but the grizzly in his middle is a monster. He’s here for one reason, and one reason alone – to go out fighting. But the quiet beauty, Winter, has him wishing he could be saved. When the alpha of the new crew, Dark Kane, finds out what Logan really is, the choice of life and death may not be up to him anymore. And now he and Winter will have to go to war if they want a chance at forever.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

words powerWe all have those trigger words – words that make us cringe – words that lift us up – you know what I mean.  Words that just bring an emotion, a visual completeness to whatever we’re reading.  I had a run-in with a word last night as I was reading the latest Shifter Romance to cross my Kindle.  And, sadly, it wasn’t a good experience but it did make me think and perhaps be more aware of how words affect me.

Let’s be honest here – we all are aware that the majority of Shifter Romance is erotica within a paranormal setting.  Shifter couples are sizzling, smoking hot and not afraid to show us exactly how they enjoy their sexual moments.  And I am totally fine with that – heck, I wouldn’t be reading so many of then if I wasn’t, ya know?

Yet last night I was completely taken out of the moment by one word that was put in the wrong place… for me.  It shattered my illusion of a hot, sexy couple doing one of the most natural acts that any species does.  Suddenly this wasn’t a man and woman expressing their love physically.  It felt crass and I stopped reading at that moment.  I was completely out of their world and into a cringe moment of my own.

Please, don’t get me wrong here – there is no “fault” yet there is “reaction” that is personal to me.  I’m certain that as readers we all have words that are like fingernails on a blackboard to us… they simply jar and make us shudder or take us out of the experience of the story.

So I put that book aside and will return to it in a day or so.  It’s a very entertaining story and I don’t want to miss the conclusion of it – but not yet.  I need to get that hero and heroine back into a loving relationship in my mind and not the situation that one word put them into in my mind.  Silly?  Perhaps.  But it’s also an honest human reaction that I needed to express.  Truthfully, I wondered if there are other readers who react to certain words enough that they are taken out of the story because of them.

There is no right or wrong to this post.  It’s an opinion, a thinking out loud moment of mine.  The truth is words do have power – and for each of us, that word is different.

CherishedTitle:  Cherished
Series:  True Mated #5
Author:  Olivia Arran
Published:  February 17, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

I’m the pack fixer…and I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty.
Wolf shifter Oliver Colstone was handpicked to be the pack fixer because of his specialist training, his lack of emotions, and his willingness to do whatever is needed to get a job done. Got a problem? He’s your man. But one look at his true mate and Oliver thinks he might be the one in trouble this time…

I’m a survivor – but can I survive being the focus of Oliver’s attention?
Life hasn’t been a barrel of laughs for curvy Ana Arlington, but she hasn’t given up. Nope. She’s got her son to think about and a future to plan. First things first, she has to find a way to escape her captors. She doesn’t need a smoking hot black-ops kind of guy swooping in and rescuing her. Okay, maybe she does…but does he have to look so darn irresistible doing it?

As destiny draws human and shifter together, will Oliver be able to convince Ana to give up her prejudices and take a chance on fate…or will she forever close her heart to true love?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.