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A surprise baby. A second chance at love. Fated mates betrayed by their own. 

Wolf shifter Wyatt tried to do the right thing—protect and mate the girl he loved. Instead, he was framed for murder and run out of town by Alanna’s powerful tiger shifter father. 

Thirteen years later Wyatt returns, struggling to control his wolf while simmering in a dark emotional hell. A hell for which he’ll make his enemy pay. 

But blind vengeance will have to wait. The mate he was forced to leave had his baby—a defiant boy now in danger from his own grandfather. And Wyatt will be damned if his son suffers the same fate as his old man. 

He was dead. That was the lie told to Alanna years ago. A lie now storming into town, the torment in his eyes wild enough almost nothing was left of the boy she’d loved. 

She’ll have to dig through the ashes and find a spark of the real man. A struggling single mom, she’s determined to prevent their son from following his father’s self-destructive path. And when word spreads Wyatt is back, she needs his protection from the dark fate decreed by her father. 

Wyatt must fight to stay sane long enough to save his mate, his son, and himself from a death sentence he now has a reason to escape. 

Keep your woman close and your enemy closer? Yeah, **ck that. This time he’s keeping the woman plus child, and running the enemy out of town—and out of life. 

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Shifters and Sins series include – Whiskey and WolvesTequila and Tigers – Bourbon and Bears –

Shifters and Sins has a slight connection to the Shifting Destinies universe.  Those series include – Shifters of Bear’s Den & Black Claw Ranch.  It’s a very slight connection mentioned in the first book, there may be more references in later stories.  Just an FYI.

Aspen Lowery is one of the last of the Silver Wolves. A cursed breed of shifters unable to produce offspring. Now that the Dire Wolves are encroaching on his territory, he is about to lose everything, unless he and the Silver Wolves MC can find a way to break the curse!

Amanda Miller is on the run – from a man who had too many expectations. She loves her freedom, and doesn’t want anyone to take it from her. But when she finds herself falling for a dark and handsome biker, will she embrace the one thing she never wanted?

…A child of her own…

Titles in the Silver Wolves MC series include:  Daddy Wolf – Secret of the Wolf – Baby For The Wolf –

MC Bear My BabyTitle:  MC Bear My Baby
Series:  Beartooth Brotherhood #2
Author:  Bella Love-Wins
Published:  May 17, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

They wanted an escape. They got a baby.

Tate Roman is a walking contradiction. He’s a badass, tech savvy bear shifter. A mohawk-wearing, trouble-making, woman-claiming member of the Beartooth Brotherhood MC who lives to protect his bear shifter MC family. He’s damaged, violent and vicious, kinky and twisted, but when he’s assigned to protect Molly Davenport, one of his casual playmates, everything changes.

Molly Davenport is the sassy, sexy and fearless nurse in training. She’s tough on the outside, tougher on the inside, and has a spicy role-playing bedside manner.

Tate swore to protect her, yet the tables can turn. Together they create an explosive romance. Yet the last thing they thought they wanted was the one thing they both craved.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Read on for my thoughts on MC Bear My Baby.

Outlaw MC BearTitle:  Outlaw MC Bear
Series:  Beartooth Brotherhood MC #1
Author:  Bella Love-Wins
Published:  April 20, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Silas Corrigan is a force of nature. He’s the no-nonsense bear shifter President of the Beartooth Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. He’s got people to protect, rivals to keep at bay, an arms trade business to keep afloat, women to use at his every whim, and above all, he supports the right to arm bears. When a new potential human client is thrown into the mix, Silas braces himself for a rough ride, but never expected to have the extra task of saving a sexy, mysterious woman on day one of the business deal. Sabrina is a complication, a headache he does not want to deal with right now.

So why is his bear growling to come out and claim her?

Sabrina Rizzo is no stranger to the underworld. She’s been at the sidelines of violence, crime and shady deals all her life, no matter how much she tries to outrun it. After her reality hits a new low, someone tries to forcibly remove her from the shaky ground she’s standing on. Then she meets Silas, and everything changes. The mix of fear, tension and attraction between them is dizzying, but fighting their magnetic pull can put her in more danger. This is why she just has three questions:

How much does he know?  What does he really want?   Is Silas Corrigan her savior or her kidnapper?

Outlaw MC Bear is a stand-alone, steamy bear shifter romance, and the first book in the Beartooth Brotherhood MC series. This bear shifter squad lives in the fictional desert town of Red Ridge, Arizona, affectionately known among shifters as Shifter Canyon.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.