Cross-Over Series (reading order)

Sometimes there comes along a world by (usually) one author that crosses over into several series that have a relationship with each other… in some fashion.

That is what this page is for.  Although right now the only group of series that qualifies for this can be found below.  Still, it’s here should it be needed. And I’ll know where to jump next within these connecting series/worlds. (yes, some other series connect into worlds that aren’t on this list – because I’ve read them and do not need to get caught up it’s that simple – once I am up-to-date this list will move to the Mandy M. Roth page)

Immortal Ops / PSI Ops

These series are by Mandy M. Roth – a prolific, excellent writer who writes across several genres, but usually with a Paranormal touch.  This reading order list can be found on her website… along with tons of other information regarding her many series.  Although there are series within this reading order, I’m going to go into this world using the Reading Order List by Ms. Roth – after all, who should know better what follows what next, right?  I’ll also, beneath this list, give the order of each individual series as well.

All of this is really for me, my own cheat sheet so to speak.  But if it helps any of my visitors to Shifter Haven, then that’s even better for us both. 🙂

This unique, fascinating, and definitely sexy group of worlds belongs to Mandy M Roth (click the link to visit her website)

Reading Order

Immortal Ops — Immortal Ops #1 — Lukian (Luke) & Peren

Critical Intelligence — Immortal Ops #2 — Roi & Missy

Radar Deception — Immortal Ops #3 — Green & Melonie

Strategic Vulnerability — Immortal Ops #4  — Wilson & Kimberly

Tactical Magik — Immortal Ops #5 — Eadan & Inara

Act of Mercy — PSI Ops #1 — Duke & Mercy

Administrative Control — Immortal Ops #6 — Asher & Jinx

Act of Surrender — PSI Ops #2 — James & Laney

Broken Communication — Immortal Outcasts #1 — Casey & Harmony

Separation Zone — Immortal Ops #7 — Jon & Tori

Act of Submission — PSI Ops #3 — Miles ‘Boomer’ & Haven

Damage Report — Immortal Outcasts #2

Act of Command — PSI Ops #4

Wolf’s Surrender — Shadow Agents #1

The Dragon Shifter’s Duty — Shadow Agents #2

Midnight Echoes — Crimson Ops #1

Isolated Maneuver — Immortal Outcasts #3

Expecting Darkness — Crimson Ops #2

Area of Influence — Immortal Ops #8

Act of Passion – PSI Ops #5

Act of Brotherhood – PSI Ops #6

Healing the Wolf — Shadow Agents #3

Wrecked Intel — Immortal Outcasts #4

Bound to Midnight — Crimson Ops #3

Out of the Dark — Shadow Agents #4

Bat out of Hell — Crimson Ops #4

Individual Series:

Immortal Ops

  1. Immortal Ops – Lukian (Luke) & Peren
  2. Critical Intelligence – Roi & Missy
  3. Radar Deception – Green & Melonie
  4. Strategic Vulnerability – Wilson & Kimberly
  5. Tactical Magik – Eadan & Inara
  6. Administrative Control – Asher & Jinx
  7. Separation Zone – Jon & Tori
  8. Area of Influence

PSI Ops (Paranormal Security & Intelligence)

  1. Act of Mercy – Duke & Mercy
  2. Act of Surrender -James & Laney
  3. Act of Submission
  4. Act of Command
  5. Act of Passion
  6. Act of Brotherhood
  7. Act of Surveillance
  8. Act of Freedom

Crimson Ops

  1. Midnight Echoes
  2. Expecting Darkness
  3. Bound to Midnight
  4. Bat out of Hell

Shadow Agents

  1. Wolf’s Surrender
  2. The Dragon Shifter’s Duty
  3. Healing the Wolf
  4. Out of the Dark

Immortal Outcasts

  1. Broken Communication – Casey & Harmony
  2. Damage Report
  3. Isolated Maneuver
  4. Wrecked Intel