There are a lot — a lot — of amazing series across all genre that are now a part of the Kindle World.  What is that?  Well, it’s an Amazon exclusive option for authors who can “open up” their created worlds (series) so that other authors can write in their world using the original author’s characters or adding to the lore of each series.  The original author must make their series available for this to be done, and I do not know the details but Amazon certainly does so if you want to learn more check it out at the source.

I’ve read a few Kindle World books, but I’ll be brutally honest with you, my book budget only goes so far each month.  And until recently none of the Kindle World books were available in the Kindle Unlimited subscription program where I pay about $10 a month for unlimited borrowing of books within the program.  The author still gets paid for the fact that I read their book until the 100% finish mark… so it’s a win for authors and readers.  I am so grateful to the authors who put their titles in Kindle Unlimited.  They certainly are not free, but at a monthly cost that I can afford.  I’ve been able to “try out” so many new to me authors who have become auto buys over time, so very grateful indeed.

Now there has been a change… and I’m seeing so many Kindle World titles available through the Kindle Unlimited subscription… that is huge for me.

Because of this change I’ve decided to open up a Kindle World book list category for many of the series that I follow.  It’s a large undertaking because frankly keeping up with the lists is going to be a “devote a day a week” to it because so many titles are added so often.  I’m taking on this project in the last two weeks of 2017, so I definitely have part of my reviewing plan already in place for 2018.  I’m hoping to find even more new authors, well new to me, aside from the story that is always a plus for me.

The category will have the “Series Name” KW — to set it apart from the author’s original series.