I enjoyed the Sassy Mates series by Milly Taiden, and the stories I have read in the Kindle World universe does that original series proud.  There’s a lot to catch up on though – and more titles are added often.

There are several new releases in this Kindle World universe each year.  I’ll do my best to keep up when I see something that isn’t on the list.  Sometimes other authors blend the Sassy Ever After world with their own ongoing series so don’t be surprised to see some series names and numbers after some titles.  These titles are in no particular order, simply the titles in this Kindle World universe.

Sassy Ever After – Kindle Worlds

Tamed by Bianca Sommerland

A Witchingly Sassy Seduction by Mychal Daniels

A Hot Piece of Sass by Melanie James

Kissing Sassy by Gracen Miller (Siren Song #)

Kiss My Sass by Serena Pettus

Bonnie Sass by Erika Maston

Bite My Sass by V. Vaughn

Wise Sass Mates by Tasha Black

Dragon Sass by Selena Kitt

Sassy and a Little Bad-Assy by Jessie Lane

Mate of Honor by Renee George

Twice the Sass by Melanie James

Sassy Blaze by Claudy Conn

Sassy Ink by C. M. Benjamin

The Hunter’s Mate by C.M. Benjamin (Sassy Ink #2)

The Hunter’s Chase by C.M. Benjamin (Sassy Ink #3)

Cover Your Sass by Liv B rywood

Sass Master by Marianne Morea

A Touch of Sass by Bianca D’Arc

Second Chance Mates by Jacqueline Sweet

You Bet Your Sass by Melanie James (Black Paw Wolves #3)

Check Mate by Sheri Lyn

Slave To Your Sass by Marianne Morea

Hexed With Sass by Lia Davis

Witchy Moon by Leticia Richmond The Belmonts of Pinnacle Lane #1)

Sassy Healing by Willsin Rowe

Magical Sass for Three by Auriella Skye (Vella Cove Shifters #1)

Call Me sassy by Olivia Arran

Sassing Her Dragon by Julia Mills (Dragon Guard #3)

License to Sass by J.K. Harper

Desires of the Night by Taylor Dawon

Sassy Vigilante by Gracen Miller (Siren Song #2)

Watch Your Sass by Melanie James (Black Paw Wolves #4)

All About That Sass by Michele Bardsley (The Pride Commands #1)

Sassy Witch by S.L. Stacker (Spenport Pack #1)

Northern Sass by Elianne Adams (Sugar Shack #1)

Candy Sass by Elianne Adams (Sugar Shack #2)

The Sweetest Sass by Alyse Zaftig

Phoenix and a dash of Sass by Jami Brumfield

Sass in the City by Marianne Morea (Catamount Shifters #3)

Claws, Class and a Whole Lotta Sass by Julia Mills (Dragon Guard #15)

All My Sass by Michele Bardsley (The Pride Command #2)

Just A Little Harmless Sass by Codi Gary

Sass This by Aliyah Burke

Sass Me by Ady Award Dragons Love Curves #2)

Sassy In The Snow by Tracey Steinbach

Shards of sass by Robbie Cox (Sanctuary of Bull Creek #1)

Sassy Temptations by Taylor Dawn

Classy Yet Sassy by Elaine Marie

Her Warrior Dragon by Ariel Marie

Twinkle, Twinkle sassy Little Star by Julia Mills (Dragon Guard #23)

Demon Mate by Sheri Lyn

In My Mate’s Sight by Cassidy K. O’Connor

Dreaming of Sass by Jeni Burns

Lucky sass by Marianne Morea (Catamount Shifters #2)

From Scotland, With Sass by A.K. Michaels (Highland Wolf Clan #7)

I’ll Sass If I Want To by Michele Bardsley (The Pride Command #3)

Sinister sass by Lexi Thorne