The Alaskan Den Men collection of series is a cool idea.  There are 18 stories set in this over-arching series that take place in the same general area – Alaska – with various “dens” of bear shifters having their own short series written by one author each – yet all combined make up the Alaskan Den Men series.

These are all new to me authors, so they do not have their own individual Author & Book List pages yet, that may change in the next few weeks.

As always, any title that has been reviewed at Shifter Haven is linked back to that review post.

So, let’s meet the Alaskan Den Men

Alaskan Den Men:  Kodiak Den by Amy Lamont

  1.   Bear to Want – Kaden & Alyssa
  2.   Bear to Need
  3.   Bear to Love

Alaskan Den Men;  Hidden Den by Andie Devaux

  1.   The Bear’s Accidental Mate
  2.   The Bear’s Accidental Date
  3.   The Bear’s Accidental Fate

Alaskan Den Men:  Icy Cap Den by Jennifer Hilt

  1.   His to Bear
  2.   Mine to Bear
  3.   Theirs to Bear

Alaskan Den Men:  Foxhollow Den by Kizzie Waller

  1. Bearly Living
  2.   Bearly Loving
  3.   Bearly Gone

Alaskan Den Men:  Denali Den by Rebecca Thomas

  1.   Beauty and the Bear
  2.   Wed to the Bear
  3.   Bound to the Bear

Alaskan Den Men:  Wylde Den by Talina Perkins

  1.   Bear His Mark
  2.   Bear His Bond
  3.   Bear Their Secret

And there you have it – 18 connected Shifter Romances.  Enjoy