Charmed In Vegas is a delightful series with Witches, Warlocks, Demons, Shifters, Vampires – if it’s a paranormal creature, you may just find them mentioned in one of these stories.  While not all stories have Shifters as the main focus of the story, many do – so for that reason (and the fact that it’s a fun series) I’ve included this series here.

Because Shifter Haven is a blog about Shifter Romance this is sort of a divided linking situation.  I will have reviewed all of the stories, but where you’ll find those reviews will vary depending if the main characters are Shifters or other Paranormal creatures.  At times the links may take you to another of my review blogs – Haunted Bookshelf -as the review post link, when that happens it will be clearly marked so you know you are going off site.

Charmed In Vegas

  1.   Bad Potions by Michelle Fox – featuring a witch and an elf – links to post on Haunted Bookshelf
  2.   Gambling On Her Dragon by Anna Lowe – wolf shifter Trey & dragon shifter Kaya
  3.   Lucky in Love by Bethany Shaw
  4.   A Billionaire’s Roar by Vella Day
  5.   Wild Cards by Karalina Leon
  • Gambling On Her Bear by Anna Lowe – Karen & Tanner (sequel to Gambling On Her Dragon)
  • Gambling On Her Panther by Anna Lowe – Dex &