There is a new (Release Date:  August 2, 2018) multi-author series in the Shifter world to take a look at.

Sapphire Lake is a 5 author series set in a beautiful setting with one amazing lake… a bit magical and mystical as well.  Why?  Can we say mermaids & mermen?  Thought that might get your attention!

Now, since Amazon has seemed to discontinued the listing all the titles in a series below the cover description… or at least, that’s what I’ve found this past week (Grrrrrr) I’m actually making this page before I’ve read the first book.  Oh I have a book downloaded, just not read yet.  But to be frank, I’ve got a lot to read on my list so knowing what comes next or is included in a series is important to me.  So, I do what I’ve always done… made my own page about it on my own blog… Shifter Haven.

There is a website all about this series for you to visit.  It’s new, not a lot there yet, but I’m hopeful that it will grow.  Go to –>  Mountain Mermaids

Here are the titles and authors, I’m really looking forward to getting into this series so check back for links to the review posts.

Sapphire Lake – Mountain Mermaids

  •   Below the Surface  —  by PA Vachon
  •   Wait For Me  —  by Moxie North
  •   Breathing in the Moonlight  —  by C J Forte
  •   Turning the Tide  —  by Jules Tyler
  •   Waking the Deep  —  by P. Jameson