Do you have a misbehaving, violent, or otherwise problematic shapeshifter in your pack?
Send them to the Junkyard, dumping ground and magical holding pen for unwanted shifters.

Cougar shifter Lena has one goal, and one goal only: to stay out of reach of the vicious alpha of her pride. If that means being exiled to the Junkyard, then so be it.

Carter, a grizzly shifter, let his rage take the reins after his brother’s death. His clan alpha can’t control him and he refuses to change, so into the Junkyard he goes. When Carter meets Lena, though, his protector instincts kick into high gear…especially when the other shifters in the Junkyard seem intent on harming her.

What happens when Beauty meets Brawler?

He has to be gentle to prove his love…but he has to be violent to save her.

Titles in the Junkyard Shifters series include — Filthy Beast – Filthy Wolf –

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Everything’s hotter down under. Especially the shifter cops.

When Ella was just a kid, her deadbeat dad ditched her in Australia. She’s still there, working as a biochemist. And apart from a few little trust issues, she’s gotten her life on track. Until now.

Her lab? Trashed. Her apartment? Destroyed. Her life? Over. And now she’s on the run with a mysterious and insanely hot cop who just happens to turn into a massive extinct beast, in the middle of the Australian wilderness, pursued by some really weird enemies.

Shifter cop Callan has been a tough field agent for ten years. He’s built his reputation on being cool, calm, and collected. But nothing’s prepared him for the maelstrom of emotions that the beautiful, fiery Ella unleashes within his heart. It goes against everything he’s been trained for, but when he realizes she’s his mate, he knows he has no choice but to help her – no matter where that leads them.

With a dangerous enemy hot on their heels and ghosts from Ella’s past coming back to haunt them, protecting her won’t be an easy job.

Can they solve the mystery before time runs out? Can sharing a Tim Tam slam by the campfire be enough to get Ella to open the heart she’s kept closed off for years?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Tiles in the Outback Shifters series include — HectorCallan – Euan –

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Bear shifter, Mac Winter, has spent his life supporting his family after his father died. He’s watched his brothers find their mates and couldn’t be happier for them.

That doesn’t stop Mac longing for a mate of his own. A woman to share his life with. To raise a family with and to grow old with.

When Saffron walks into his life, he knows instantly she’s the one. But his mate has secrets. She needs his help and he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Mac Winter is everything Saffron wants and more. So much more. But giving in to the intense feelings she has for him isn’t possible. Not now. Not when she’s promised to care for her sister and her nephews.  Her sister who is fading away right before her eyes. Her sister who is dying of a broken heart.

However, when Mac reveals he is a shifter, she can’t deny herself, and fate, any longer.  And maybe Mac Winter holds the key to unlocking her sister’s broken heart and helping them all start a new life in Bear Creek.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.  A silverback seasoned shifters romance.

Titles in the Winter – Shifter Seasons series include – Hex – BeckMac

This series is a spin-off from the Return to Bear Creek world and the Seasoned Silverback Shifters as well – if you love anything by Harmony Raines, including her many connecting series then please visit our Harmony Raines page for lists of series and titles (almost all) reviewed here at Shifter Haven.

Mated to a Beast.

Being a TSA agent can have some pretty exciting moments.  But I never thought that I’d end up being targeted by terrorists.  Nobody warned me that my rescuer would be drop-dead gorgeous and even more dangerous than my enemies.

Noah is part of a Special Forces Operative.  And he has a lot of secrets.  Including the one that has me drawn to him.  Call it fate or whatever you want.

He’s claiming me as his mate.

With all that’s been happening in my life, I’m not sure I can handle it or even want to.  But one thing is for sure – Noah needs my help.  He did save my life after all.

Titles in the Special Bear Protection Collection include — Alpha’s Second Chance (read & rated) – Single Dad Matchmate – Claimed by a Beast – Military Matchmate – Special Forces Bear Shifter Mate –

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Co-parenting a baby pegasus with the hottest guy you’ve ever met? That’s easy.

Learning to love Vegemite? That’s hard.

Myrtle thought her Australia trip was to study endangered moths. But her grant proposal should’ve said, “I propose to co-parent a baby pegasus shifter with an insatiable appetite for mashed apples while getting chased across the outback with a smoking hot Australian cop named Hector. Did I mention that he’s smoking hot?”

But Hector isn’t just any incredibly hot cop with an amazing accent – he’s also a griffin shifter, and he’s certainly being cagey about showing her his badge.

As an undercover operative for a secret law enforcement agency, Hector’s plan to take down a smuggling ring didn’t include a gorgeous woman who turned out to be his mate, the adorable baby pegasus who captured both of their hearts, or the deadly conspiracy that now has them on the run in the wild outback.

Now all Hector has to do is protect his new family, survive a landscape that’s trying to kill them, defeat the shadowy enemy that threatens to destroy them all… and teach his mate to appreciate Vegemite.

What could go wrong?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Tiles in the Outback Shifters series include — Hector – Callan –

His soul match has powers beyond comprehension…and she needs his body to awaken them. 

Boreas, now Brett, is one of the most powerful warriors of the fae world, and not worried at all about his undercover mission to assist humanity in fighting off rogue chaos princes. Until he meets Avery Williams and feels a bond that entwines his very fate with hers. 

He’d die for her, fight with his giant wand for her, and show her his true form if only she would stop calling him crazy and let him awaken the hidden passion inside her heart. 

Avery pretends to lead a normal life, while secretly helping the world with powers she doesn’t understand and never asked for. But the odd, impossibly gorgeous man downstairs is ruining everything, calling to her heart and body as never before. 

When darkness comes for Avery, Brett is there, giving her a glimpse into a world she never imagined. A world of danger and magic and wonder. A world where she might not survive if she doesn’t awaken her powers, and learn about the powerful bonds that can either make her and Brett stronger or tear them both apart. 

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Wings, Wands, and Soul Bonds series include —  Found by Frost – Defended by Darkness – Held by Heat – Loved by Light –

These Fae were introduced in the previous series: Titles in the Forgotten Dragons series include – Dragon Next Door – Dragon Meets Girl – Dragon to the Rescue – Dragon with Benefits – Dragon in Love

These series have a growing connection to the other dragon series within Ms. Bolryder’s dragon world.  Please visit the Terry Bolryder page for a more complete listing of connecting series.

By choice, bear shifter Joel Bennett lives alone on an unforgiving mountain—but that’s about to change.

When Anna Carter shows up near his cabin and needs rescuing, Joel’s inner bear roars at him that she’s his fated lifemate.

But he knows that’s impossible.

Fate would never pair him up with a full human, especially one foolish enough to get trapped on the mountain in the middle of a blizzard.

Joel vows that he won’t give in to his burning desire to claim Anna as his mate. But as the blizzard howls on and he’s forced to share his small cabin with this mysterious but beautiful human, Joel feels his resolve starting to break down.

And he feels his alpha bear starting to take over.

After all these years of loneliness, is it possible that this mighty mountain bear has finally found true mate love?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Bear Mountain Shifters series include —Rescued on Bear Mountain –  Claimed on Bear Mountain – Seduced on Bear Mountain – Desired on Bear Mountain – Fated on Bear Mountain –

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If life begins at 40, why does it feel like it passed her by?

Until Jen’s husband died, her life revolved around him and his award-winning work. Now she’s a 50-something childless widow looking ahead to a long, lonely retirement. Her meetings with the Baker Street Writers’ Group are the only bright spots in her week.

And then he sweeps in — handsome, brilliant, and amazing, definitely the kind of man who wouldn’t be interested in a woman like Jen. Even if his touch sets her on fire, and she could lose herself forever in his eyes. But she can’t help feeling like he’s hiding something. She’s not going to let herself go through this again, and lose her heart to a man who could never put her first.

Of course, if he was going to finally find his mate, it would happen at the worst possible time!

King of an island of shifters, Nikos is in town to help his old friends Mikhail and Joey with their evil-dragon problem, and now he’s lost himself in a pair of beautiful eyes.

Jen is kind, lovely, and stronger than she knows, a perfect match for his unicorn. There’s nothing he wants more than to worship her as she deserves. But he has to hold her at arm’s length. If she’s hurt because of him, he’ll never forgive himself.

But neither of them is prepared for a shocking transformation that will rock both their worlds to the core and open both their hearts up to a kind of love they never believed existed.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Silver Shifters series include — Silver Dragon – Silver FoxSilver Unicorn

All titles and review posts of the many different series that have captivated readers can be found on the Zoe Chant page.

Hello, my Shifter loving friends!

For years I’ve devoted Shifter Haven to only shifter related romances within the Paranormal Romance genre.  My love affair with shifters will never, ever end – just to be clear.  🙂

Yet, I’m finding that so many of my favorite shifter authors are beginning to add other ‘creatures of fantasy’ into their stories.  And, I’m fine with that – and usually review them on my other review blog, Keeper Bookshelf.  Still, there are many that have shifter connections, are linked to other larger, longer shifter series, or have shifters among the main characters of the book.


You’ll be seeing more than shifters here over time.  Some in what you might not have considered genres like; Paranormal Cozy Mystery, or Paranormal Women’s Fiction, or Paranormal Romance, or… who knows what I’ll discover along the way.

I’m not moving away from the root of this website, which will always be shifter focused — but I am going along on the journey with authors that I trust to deliver amazing stories as they delve into other areas of the Paranormal world.  My sincere hope is that long-time readers of this blog will find other stories that they will enjoy and embrace while never losing their love of wolves, bears, tigers, lions… well you get the idea.

But, never fear, this website will always be a Shifter’s Haven above all else.

Loner… yes.

Antisocial… yes.

Can shift into a wolf that doesn’t play nice with others… absolutely yes.

There are reasons wild wolves avoid humans, stay out of cities, and never remain in one place long enough to call it home. Nick Pearson understood those reasons better than most, which was why he’d spent most of his life living as a drifter. A life that was upended when he inherited a partnership in a rundown mountain resort along with a brother and sister he hadn’t known existed.

The last thing he expected was to have Mandy Jenson, a gorgeous, wrench-wielding plumber, walk into his newly acquired existence. She was his mate and a temptation he couldn’t resist.

When a menacing evil plagues his home and threatens her life, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and claim her as his own.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Seneca Falls Shifters series include — Tempting the Wild WolfCaptivated by the Cougar – Enchanting the Bear – Enticing the Wolf – Teasing the Tiger