There are so many Shifter authors that I still have not had the pleasure of reading yet.  So when I fist encountered Alma Black on Twitter I went looking for her book lists.  I discovered that she is a relatively new Shifter author and my curiosity was engaged.  I found her work to be very interesting, tight plots, a unique world and believable characters.  I’m pleased to say I’ve found another author to follow.  If you haven’t discovered Alma Black’s work yet I would encourage you to give her a try, I believe you’ll enjoy yourself immensely.

Her website can be found –>  ALMA BLACK

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Shifter Date

  1.   Must Love Lions – Max & Alexis
  2.   Hungry As A Wolf – Luke & Jasmine
  3.   This Kitten’s Got Curves – Gareth & Rachel
  4.   Forever Mated