Terry Bolryder

For me the enjoyment of a book or series is in the details.  Even though the story is paranormal, is it realistic or believable enough to capture my attention?  I find intriguing, detailed books from Terry Bolryder – if you haven’t checked out her stories yet, they are well worth your time.

In March 2017 I found this note at the back of a story giving the author’s suggested reading order for her various shifters SERIES (note this may change as more series are added over time)  BEARS: Bearstone Park – Soldier Bears – Bear Haven Ranch – Bear Claw Security – Polar Heat .. then the DRAGONS:  Dragons of New York – Tiger Protector (spin-off of DNY) – Awakened Dragons … then for the LIONS: Lions of Pride Island … and lastly the WOLVES: The Alpha – Wolf Protectors  There you have it the suggested reading order that Terry Bolryder feels her various series would be read in if it were up to her.  🙂  — Since reading that information I’ve put her new series under the animal represented to continue the thinking.

Titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.


Bearstone Park

  1.   Bearllionaire
  2.   Bearlebrity
  3.   Bearthlete

Soldier Bears

  1.   Big Bad Bear – Zeus & Carly
  2.   Big Sexy Bear
  3.   Big Strong Bear

Bear Haven Ranch

  1.  Mountain Bear
  2.   Rancher Bear
  3.   Wild Bear
  4.   Mountain Lion

Bear Claw Security

  1.   Bear To The Bone
  2.   Bear-ly A Hero
  3.   Bear To The Rescue
  4.   Bear-ly Human
  5.   Bear To The End

Polar Heat

  1.   Bear-ever Yours
  2.   Some Bear To Love
  3.   One In A Bear-llion
  4.   Remem-bear Me

Trapped In Bear Canyon

  1. Sheltered By The Bear – Riker & Ana
  2.   Craved By The Bear –  Rock & Rosalyn “Ros”
  3.   Redeeming The Bear – Ryland & Lea
  4.   Secrets Of The Bear –  Francis & Valerie


Dragons of New York

  1.   Double Dragons
  2.   Desired by Dragons
  3.   Destined Dragons

Tiger Protectors (spin off of Dragons of New York)

  1.   A Tiger’s Bounty
  2.   A Tiger’s Treasure
  3.   A Tiger’s Destiny
  4.   A Dragon’s Heart

Awakened Dragons

  1.   Onyx Dragon
  2.   Sapphire Dragon
  3.   Ruby Dragon
  4.   Diamond Dragon
  5.   Amethyst Dragon
  6.   Emerald Dragon

Rent-A-Dragon (spin off of Awakened Dragons)

  1.   Steel – Liam & Kate
  2.   Iron – Magnus & Lindy
  3.   Titanium – Titus ^ Bree

Date-A-Dragon (spin-off of Rent-A-Dragon)

  1.   Gold – Dante & Ella
  2.   Silver
  3.   Platinum
  4.   Citrine

Awakened Sea Dragons

  1.   Zircon – Seaton & Jenny
  2.   Tourmaline – Kai & Renee
  3.   Aquamarine – Marina &


Lions of Pride Island

  1.   King of Rock
  2.   Prince of Fate
  3.   Protector of the Pride


Wolf Protectors

  1.   Alpha Champion
  2.   Alpha Hero
  3.   Alpha Protector