Teresa Gabelman writes intense, addicting, and sexy Paranormal Romance – the kind that I devour.  While not all of her books or series are strictly about Shifters, there are enough to have me searching for more all the time.

Her official website can be found at that link over there –>  Teresa Gabelman

Ms Gabelman also writes a wicked vampire series entitled The Protectors.  Because this blog is strictly devoted to Shifter Romance I’ll not be listing those titles here.    Oh what the hell!  Okay, they’re listed but the reviews are over on Haunted Bookshelf.  Because, occasionally a Shifter will have a “guest staring role” in a book.  *grin* so yeah I’ll list them here as well to make it easier for all of us… mostly me though, ‘cos I’m selfish like that.  Not.  But… you can also find those titles and reviews over on my Paranormal Romance blog Haunted Bookshelf.

All reviews done here at Shifter Haven are linked back to the review post.

Lee County Wolves

  1.   Forbidden Hunger – Garrett & Janna
  2.   Forbidden Seduction – Hunter & Emily
  3.   Forbidden Desire – Marcus & Roxy
  4.   Forbidden Temptation –  Dell & Roslyn “Ross”

Stone’s Wolf Sanctuary

  1.   Sanctuary –  Gemma & Eric
  2.   Refuge – Leeza & Cole

Vampires – reviewed at Haunted Bookshelf

The Protectors

  1.   Damon
  2.   Jared
  3.   Duncan
  4.   Sid
  5.   Adam
  6.   Slade
  7.   A Warrior Wedding
  8.   Jax
  9.   Sloan
  10.   Blaze
  11.   Invisible Warrior
  12.   Ronan