Zoey Harper is a relatively new author to me… but one that I will be following.  So many authors and so little time in a lifetime to read all the amazing books out there.  Ms Harper delivers an interesting, diverse world and I’m definitely looking forward to read many, many more stories by her.

Her official website can be found at:  Zoey Harper  

I confess, one of the several reasons I make these pages is to be able to find websites, series lists and my own To Read or Have Read lists quickly.  If any of that helps you as well… that’s a good thing.  🙂

Titles that have been reviewed on Shifter Haven are linked to the review post.

Shadow Squad

  1.   Narchis Dragon – Zara & Narchis
  2.   Cimmeris Dragon –
  3.   Corrus Dragon –
  4.   Penum Dragon –