I love discovering new-to-me authors, especially in the Paranormal or Shifter Romance genre.  Every author gives their own unique slant on Shifter lore, and that’s a fascinating journey no matter what twists and turns I encounter.

I discovered Theresa Hissong on July 12, 2017 when I picked up the first of her Rise of the Pride series.  She writes in other genre as well, so although her Shifter titles will be listed here at Shifter Haven – you can visit her website to see her complete book lists.  Here’s that link:  Theresa Hissong website

From visiting her website, it appears that Rise of the Pride will be a rather long series – and those are the types I really enjoy for you become a part of a community as you learn about all of the pride members.  In the list below I’ve included what information I’ve found recently, however, book lists (and title changes) are always a fluid thing until publication – *grin* and even after.  As of today’s date there are 5 titles available, but that’s plenty to get started on what looks like an interesting ongoing series.

Any titles that have been reviewed at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.

Rise of the Pride

  1.   Talon –  Talon & Liberty
  2.   Winter – Winter & Nova
  3.   Savage – Savage & Mary
  4.   The Birth of an Alpha
  5.   Ranger –
  6.   Kye –
  7.   The Healer –
  8.   Booth –
  9.   Noah –
  10.   Dane –
  11.   Storm –
  12.   Malaki –
  13.   Kreaven –
  14.   Lucky –
  15.   Axel –
  16.   diesel –
  17.   Taze –