Skye Jones

I’m always happy to run into a new to me author.  I recently picked up the first book in the Shifters of the Glen series by Skye Jones.  What a fun story!  So, of course, I’m now completing that series and searching for any others that I’ve missed.  I would definitely say give her stories a try – I’m betting you’d enjoy them.  Sexy heroes, strong heroines and believable stories… all leads to an author to follow.  (Yes, believable is relative in the Paranormal Shifter Universe – but within the stretches of my imagination equals believable to me in this genre)

You can access Ms Jones’ official website through that link over there –>  Skye Jones

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Shifters of the Glen

  • #1.0  Wolves at the Door – Brooke & Drew
  • #1.5  Wolf in Trouble
  • #2.0  Wolf in the Woods – Isobel (Izzy) & Louis
  • #3.0  Wolf in the City
  • #4.0  Wolf on the Run – Boyd & Laura

Wild Hunters

  1.   Claimed by Love
  2.   Claimed by Desire