If you are a reader who loves intricately detailed stories, solid background on characters and believable world building – no matter the genre – then you might want to check out Celia Kyle’s works.

I first discovered her through the Grayslake series, but there are others that I’ve read and enjoyed… and some I have yet to dig into (but I will be).  I do need to do some backtracking though on her works, many I read long before I started this Shifter focused blog – so I have some reviewing to catch up on but that’s not a hardship by any means.  🙂  Ms Kyle has other books out that are not listed here – because of the focus of this blog, I’ve included Shifter Romances on this list.  But… there certainly are more to enjoy.

Her official website is located here –>  Celia Kyle

Any reviews that appear here on Shifter Haven have been linked back to that review post.

Shifter Rogues

Real Men Shift (with Marina Maddix)

  1.   Real Men Howl – Mason & Lucy
  2.   Real Men Snarl – Kade & Ally
  3.   Real Men Growl –  Gavin & Rachel

Grayslake: More Then Mated

  1.   No Ifs, Ands or Bears About It – Ty & Mia
  2.   All Roar and No Bite
  3.   Roaring Up The Wrong Tree
  4.   Love At First Roar
  5.   Howl My Name
  6.   Sunday Bear-becue


  • 1.  He Ain’t Lion
  • 1.5  You’re Lion
  • 2.  Ball of Furry
  • 3.  Head Over Tail
  • 4.  Fierce In Fur
  • 5.  Deuces Wild
  • 6.  Sealed With A Purr
  • 7.  Like A Fox
  • 8.  Big Furry Deal
  • 9.  Lion’s Honor
  • 9.5  Maya: Wisdom From The Queen

Quick & Furry

  1.   Chasing Tail
  2.   Tailing Her
  3.   On Her Tail
  4.   Heads or Tails
  5.   Wanting A Mate
  6.   Hunting A Mate
  7.   Protecting A Mate
  8.   Buying A Mate

Alpha Marked

  1.   Scarlet
  2.   Gabriella
  3.   Whitney
  4.   Rebecca
  5.   Lorelei
  6.   Paisley