Cecilia Lane writes intriguing stories about strong heroines, protective and sexy men with intriguing plot lines.  While I’m just getting started on Ms. Lane’s backlist I’ve yet to find a story that didn’t captivate and engage me.

Her official website can be found at Cecilia Lane.  There you’ll find all kinds of interesting tidbits and her complete book list.

For the moment, I’m concentrating on getting caught up on the Shifting Destinies stories which include a couple of series (at this point) and some stand-alone titles.  I’ll add to this listing as I go further into her backlist.  Again, for a complete listing of Ms. Lane’s titles visit her website through the link above.

Shifting Destinies (universe)

Shifting Destinies — Shifters of Bear’s Den

  • The Christmas Wolf –  Faith & Tommy — prequel (formerly available in the All He Wants For Christmas bundle)
  1.   Forbidden Mate – Callum & Leah
  2.   Dangerous Mate – Cole & Rylee
  3.   Hunted Mate – Nolan & Becca
  4.   Runaway Mate – Gray & Meghan
  5.   Stolen Mate – Sawyer & Everly
  6.   Untamed Mate – Hudson & Mara

Shifting Destinies — Black Claw Ranch

  1.   Wrangled Fate –  Ethan & Tansey
  2.   Spurred Fate – Hunter & Joss
  3.   Breaking Fate – Lorne & Sloan
  4.   Wild Fate – Alex & Liv
  5.   Bucking Fate – Jesse & Nora

Shifting Destinies — Lion Hearts

  1.   Savage Pride – Trent & Hailey
  2.   Savage Claim –
  3.   Savage Chase –

Shifting Destinies Stand-Alone Titles

Shifters and Sins (connection to the Shifting Destinies Universe)

  1.   Whiskey and Wolves – Jensen & Noelle
  2.   Tequila and Tigers – Wyatt & Alanna
  3.   Bourbon and Bears –