If you haven’t read Eve Langlais‘ work yet then what in the world are you waiting for?  With several series under her writing belt, Ms. Langlais writes not only Shifter stories but other Paranormal Romance as well.  Her Shifters are simply amazing creatures.  Now, I will admit that I might not be attracted to some of the animals living within her Shifters in the actual wild – but – make a Shifter out of them and they are smokin’ hot.  Personally, I’m happy with big cats, bears, and wolves… but never say never until you’ve tried it.

Her official website can be accessed through that link over there –>  Eve Langlais

Because Shifters is the main theme of Shifter Haven, I’ve only listed her Shifter series here.  But you can find her entire book list by visiting her official site.

Any titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven are linked back to the review post.

A Lion’s Pride

  1.   When An Alpha Purrs
  2.   When A Beta Roars
  3.   When An Omega Snaps
  4.   A Tiger’s Bride
  5.   When A Lioness Snarls
  6.   When A Lioness Pounces
  7.   When A Lioness Growls
  8.   When A Lioness Hunts
  9.   When A Tigon Weds
  10.   When A Liger Mates (November 2020)

Kodiak Point

  1.   Kodiak’s Claim
  2.   Outfoxed by Love
  3.   Polar Bared
  4.   Caribou’s Gift
  5.   Grizzly Love

Bitten Point

  1.   Croc’s Return
  2.   Panther’s Claim
  3.   Python’s Embrace
  4.   Gator’s Challenge

Dragon Point (a spin-off of Bitten Point)

  1.   Becoming Dragon
  2.   Dragon Squeeze
  3.   Dragon Unleashed
  4.   Dragon Foretold

Furry United Coalition

  1.   Bunny and the Bear
  2.   Swan and the Bear
  3.   Croc and the Fox
  4.   Lion and the Falcon
  5.   Doe and the Wolf

Freakn’ Shifters

  1.   Delicate Freakn’ Flower
  2.   Jealous and Freakn’
  3.   Already Freakn’ Mated
  4.   Human and Freakn’
  5.   Jungle Freakn’ Bride
  6.   Freakn’ Cougar
  7.   Freakn’ Out