Lora Leigh writes truly intense, intriguing, erotic Shifter Romance, among other genre.  I’ve read her Breeds series for many, many years – long before Shifter Haven was a twinkle in the back of my eye.  So, in truth, I’m going to have to do some re-reading for reviews to link to on this page.  However, that doesn’t mean that I do not know how amazing the Breeds series is… it certainly is something every lover of Shifter Romance should be aware of at some point in their reading life.  Here I’ve listed only the series that I would consider fall under the “shifter” sub-genre of Paranormal Romance.  For her complete listing check Goodreads or her official site over there –>  LORA LEIGH

The Breeds series has, let’s call them sub-series within the overall series.  So while I’ll put every title under the Breeds list – I’ll also list the different sub-series as well.  Sometimes you only want to read about wolf shifters, other times only feline shifters… I’m trying to give you that option.  🙂

Because some of these titles are not available at the moment, if I have them from way back when in paperback that’s what I’ll use for a review.  So whenever I’ve got a review up on Shifter Haven that will be linked to the review post here.  For most of this list, it will simply be a list to know how we got to this point.  So, let’s begin this challenging set of series.  🙂  ((I believe the numbers on the sub-series are correct… but any error is on my part))


  1.   Tempting The Beast
  2.   The Man Within
  3.   Elizabeth’s Wolf
  4.   Kiss of Heat
  5.   Soul Deep
  6.   The Breed Next Door  (Hot Spell Anthology)
  7.   Megan’s mark
  8.   Harmony’s Way
  9.   Tanner’s Scheme
  10.   Wolfe’s Hope
  11.   Jacob’s Faith
  12.   Aiden’s Charity
  13.   In A Wolf’s Embrace  (Beyond The Dark Anthology)
  14.   Dawn’s Awakening
  15.   A Jaguar’s Kiss  (Shifter Anthology)
  16.   Mercury’s War
  17.   Christmas Heat  (The Magical Christmas Cat Anthology)
  18.   Coyote’s Mate
  19.   Bengal’s Heart
  20.   A Christmas Kiss  (Hot for the Holidays Anthology)
  21.   Lion’s Heat
  22.   Styx’s Storm
  23.   Primal Kiss  (Primal Anthology)
  24.   Navarro’s Promise
  25.   An Inconvenient Mate  *Tied With A Bow)
  26.   Lawe’s Justice
  27.   Stygian’s Honor
  28.   The Devil’s Due
  29.   Rule Breaker
  30.   Bengal’s Quest
  31.   Wake A Sleeping Tiger
  32.   Cross Breed (2018)

Feline Breeds

  1.   Tempting The Beast  (Breeds #1)
  2.   The Man Within  (Breeds#2)
  3.   Kiss of Heat  (Breeds #4)
  4.   The Breed Next Door (Breeds #6)
  5.   Megan’s mark (Breeds #7)
  6.   Harmony’s Way  (Breeds #8)
  7.   Tanner’s Scheme (Breeds #9)
  8.   Dawn’s Awakening  (Breeds #14)
  9.   A Jaguar’s Kiss  (Breeds #15)
  10.   Mercury’s War  (Breeds #16)
  11.   Bengal’s Heart  (Breeds #19)
  12.   Lion’s Heat  (Breeds #21)
  13.   Lawe’s Justice  (Breeds #26)
  14.   Rule Breaker  (Breeds #29)
  15.   Bengal’s Quest  (Breeds #30)
  16.   Wake A Sleeping Tiger  (Breeds #31)

Wolf Breeds

  1.   Elizabeth’s Wolf (Breeds #3)
  2.   Wolfe’s Hope  (Breeds #10)
  3.   Jacob’s Faith  (Breeds #11)
  4.   Aiden’s Charity  (Breeds #12)
  5.   In A Wolf’s Embrace  (Breeds #13)
  6.   Styx’s Storm  (Breeds #22)
  7.   Navarro’s Promise  (Breeds #24)
  8.   Stygian’s Honor  (Breeds #27)
  9.   The Devil’s Due  (Breeds #28)

Coyote Breeds

  1.   Soul Deep  (Breeds #5)
  2.   Coyote’s mate  (Breeds #18)
  3.   An Inconvenient Mate  (Breeds #25)


  • Hot Spell (Breeds #6)
  • Primal Heat Breeds #10)
  • Beyond The Dark (Breeds #13)
  • Shifter (Breeds #15)
  • The Magical Christmas Cat (Breeds #17, Feline Breeds #11)
  • Hot For The Holidays (Breeds #19, Wolf Breeds #6)
  • Primal (Breeds #23)
  • Tied With A Bow (Breeds #25, Coyote Breeds #3)
  • Enthralled (Breeds #28)
  • Too Hot To Touch: Three Breed Novellas -A Christmas Kiss #20, Christmas Heat #17, Primal Kiss #23