T. S. Joyce

I love it when I discover an author who delivers fantastic, believable (yes even in Paranormal Romance it’s gotta be realistic enough for that genre) stories that connect over several stories within a series.  I consider it a huge bonus when that author will sprinkle characters from several connected series throughout their stories.  This makes the world I’ve chosen to visit even more realistic to me – that author would become an “automatic buy their books” author for me… and T. S. Joyce has reached that height in story delivery for me.  I have enjoyed and loved every story that I’ve read of hers – of course, some I’ve liked more than others, but never did I scratch my head and wonder what the hell happened.  I will faithfully follow an author that gives me that type of story satisfaction.

T. S. Joyce’s website can be found at that link  –>  T. S. Joyce

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Outlaw Shifters

  1.   For The Love Of An Outlaw – Trigger & Ava
  2.   For The Heart Of An Outlaw –

Damon’s Mountains

This is an over-arching series that contains SAW BEARS – FIRE BEARS – GRAY BACK BEARS – BOARLANDER BEARS series.  These series (well, three of them) are about some of the baddest bears around.  Bears that don’t play well with outsiders or each other most days.  And throughout all of these stories is the thread of one particular bear shifter, probably the baddest of the baddest bears.  While each series is complete in itself, combine them all and you have one huge overview of the area known as Damon’s Mountains.  And it is a gripping, sexy, and entertaining group of series that I would highly recommend for any lover of Shifter Romance.

The various series break down like this:

Saw Bears

  1.   Lumberjack Werebear – Brooke & Tagan, son Wyatt
  2.   Woodcutter Werebear – Kellen & Skyler
  3.   Timberman Werebear – Denison & Danielle
  4.   Sawman Werebear – Brighton & Everly
  5.   Axman Werebear – Bruiser & Diem, daughter Harper
  6.   Woodsman Werebear – Riley & Drew
  7.   Lumberman Werebear – Cassie & Hayden

Fire Bears

  1.   Bear My Soul – Cody & Rory, son Aaron
  2.   Bear The Burn – Dade & Quinn
  3.   Bear The Heat – Cora & Boone
  4.   Baby, It’s Cold Out Bear – ( in the bundle of A Very Alpha Christmas – and now solo )

Gray Back Bears

  1.   Gray Back Bad Bear – Matt & Willa
  2.   Gray Back Alpha Bear – Creed & Gia, daughter Rowen
  3.   Gray Back Ghost Bear – Jason & Georgia
  4.   Gray Back Broken Bear – Easton (Beaston) & Aviana, son Weston
  5.   Lowlander Silverback –  Kong & Layla
  6.   Last Immortal Dragon – Damon & Clara
  7.   A Very Beastly Christmas

Boarlander Bears

  1.   Boarlander Boss Bear – Harrison & Audrey
  2.   Boarlander Bash Bear – Sebastian “Bash” & Emerson
  3.   Boarlander Silverback – Kirk & Alison
  4.   Boarlander Beast Boar – Mason & Beck (Beck’s son Ryder)
  5.   Boarlander Cursed Bear – Clinton & Alyssa

Harper’s Mountains

In the Harper’s Mountains series we will be meeting up with some of the children of the couples in the Damon’s Mountains group of series (and occasionally getting a glimpse of the couples we loved in the earlier series)

  1.   Bloodrunner Dragon
  2.   Bloodrunner Bear
  3.   Air Ryder
  4.   Novak  Raven
  5.   Bladkwing Dragon

Kane’s Mountains

  1.   Blackwing Defender – Kane & Rowen
  2.   Blackwing Wolf – Dustin & Emma
  3.   Blackwing Beast – Beast & Kiera

Winterset Coven — spin-off from Harper’s Mountains

  1.   King of the Asheville Coven
  2.   Second of the Winterset Coven

Wolves of Winter’s Edge

  1.   Gentry – Blaire & Gentry
  2.   Roman – Mila & Roman
  3.   Asher – Ashlyn & Asher

Red Havoc (returns us to entire Damon’s Mountains universe)

  1.   Red Havoc Rogue – Annalise & Jaxon
  2.   Red Havoc Rebel – Anson & Kaylee
  3.   Red Havoc Bad Cat –  Barret & Eden
  4.   Red Havoc Guardian – Grey & Gen (Greyson & Genevieve)
  5.   Red Havoc Bad Bear – Jathan & Lynn

Sons of Beasts (Damon’s Mountains universe)

  1.   Son of the Cursed Bear – Nox & Nevada
  2.   Son of Kong – Torren & Candace
  3.   Son of the Dragon – Vyr & Riyah

Bears Fur Hire

  1.   Husband Fur Hire
  2.   Bear Fur Hire
  3.   Mate Fur Hire
  4.   Wolf Fur Hire
  5.   Dawson Fur Hire
  6.   Chance Fur Hire

Bear Valley Shifters

  1.   The Witness and The Bear
  2.   Devoted To The Bear
  3.   Return To The Bear
  4.   Betray The Bear
  5.   Redeem The Bear
  6.   Bear Valley Valentine

Hell’s Canyon Shifters

  1.   Call of the Bear –
  2.   Fealty of the Bear
  3.   Avenge the Bear
  4.   Claim the Bear
  5.   Heart of the Bear

Wolf Brides

  1.   Wolf Bride
  2.   Red Snow Bride
  3.   Dawson Bride

Stand Alone Titles