I discovered Anna Lowe‘s novels a short time ago ago – and it’s been a fun time reading and discovering an exciting and addicting new Shifter series to follow ( along with a new series starting).  She writes Paranormal Romance (shifters) as well as Contemporary Romance.  Right now I’ve been deep into her Paranormal Romances but plan on checking out her other works as well.

Her website can be found here –>  ANNA LOWE

If you enjoy Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance in particular and haven’t discovered Anna Lowe’s stories yet – then please check her out.  She packs a powerful punch of ongoing,  interwoven stories within her series.

( books that have been reviewed here at SHIFTER HAVEN are linked back to the review )

The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch

Prequel 0.5  Desert Hunt – Zack & Rae

  1.   Desert Moon
  2.   Desert Blood
  3.   Desert Fate
  4.   Desert Heart
  5.   Desert Rose
  6.   Desert Yule
  7.   Desert Roots
The fun thing about Anna Lowe’s stories is that she’ll often take us back to add a bit of a bonus or short story for couples we’ve loved earlier in the series… Like:
  • Desert Wolf  (Lana & Ty)
  • Desert Wolf 2  (Lana & Ty)
  • Desert Wolf 3  (Lana & Ty)
  • Desert Wolf 4  (Lana & Ty)
  • Happily Mated After  (Tina & Rick)
  • A Rose In Bloom  (Beth & Axel)
  • Hot Blooded Desert Night  (Heather & Cody)

Blue Moon Saloon

Blue Moon Saloon is a new series with a definite new set of stories, yet characters from The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series are easily interwoven into the stories in a natural, neighbor, lives in the same area type of way.

0.5  Perfection is the prequel to this series

  1.   Damnation – Jessica & Simon
  2.   Temptation – Janna & Cole
  3.   Redemption – Soren & Sarah
  4.   Salvation – Anna & Todd
  5.   Celebration – a Christmas gathering
  6.   Deception – Summer & Drew

Shifters In Vegas

  1.   Gambling On Her Dragon – Kaya & Trey
  2.   Gambling On Her Bear – Karen & Tanner
  3.   Gambling On Her Panther – Dex &

Charmed In Vegas

Aloha Shifters – Jewels of the Heart

  1.   Lure of the Dragon – Kai & Tessa
  2.   Lure of the Wolf – Boone &
  3.   Lure of the Bear –  Hunter &
  4.   Lure of the Tiger – Cruz &
  5.   Love of the Dragon – Silas & Cassandra
  6.   Lure of the Fox – Ella &