You may know Amber Ella Monroe by her Contemporary Romance writings done under the Ambrielle Kirk pen name.  If not, then you should definitely check out her work in that genre as well.

I first read her works with the Caedmon Wolves series a few years ago, before Shifter Haven was even a thought… so I need to get those reviews up and running  🙂

I’m not a big serial reader, so although I’ll list them, I’m not one hundred percent certain that those stories will be reviewed here.  But the other series will be, eventually.

Her official website can be found at that link over there –>  Amber Ella Monroe

Any titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.

Aspen Valley Wolf Pack

  1.   Shifter Untamed – Dane & Trina
  2.   Wolf Unbound – Garrett & Autumn
  3.   Outlaw Unleashed
  4.   Rebel Unveiled
  5.   Omega Unmasked
  6.   Mountain Wolf
  7.   Rogue Wolf
  8.   Forbidden Wolf – Andre & Sonia

Caedmon Wolves

  1.   Wolf’s Haven
  2.   Wolf’s Promise
  3.   Wolf’s Touch
  4.   Wolf’s Desire
  5.   Wolf’s Strength
  6.   Wolf’s  Honor
  7.   Wolf’s Temptation

Wolf In Exile (serial with cliffhangers)

  1.   Captured
  2.   Unchained
  3.   Ascend
  4.   Reclaimed
  5.   Bound