Annie Nicholas writes vivid, intense Paranormal Romance.  Usually her stories include both vampires and wolf shifters, so I’d not normally have her book list on Shifter Haven because they are not Shifter Romance completely… I do intend to have her complete book list up on my Paranormal blog which is Haunted Bookshelf.

So, why this list — well because she has a fascinating series that does highlight mainly wolf shifters, overseen by one ancient vampire – let’s call him a teacher, for want of a better description without giving too much away.  🙂  This series does tie in with her other Paranormal series.  With the focus clearly on Shifters.

To check out her other works, and maybe even go back to the beginning of where these Shifters tie in – then visit her official website at that link over there –>  ANNIE NICHOLAS

Vanguard Elite

  1.   Bootcamp of Misfit Wolves – Clare & Ian
  2.   A Taste of Shifter Geekdom
  3.   Blind Wolf Bluff