Anya Nowlan

I love book bundles.  So often I find fantastic authors that I haven’t had the chance to read yet.  It’s a great introduction, so I would highly recommend purchasing book bundles as a way to expand your author database.

I discovered Anya Nowlan from her Stripes for Love story in Shifters In The Spring bundle.  I wasn’t more than 3 chapters into the story before I was looking her up on Goodreads and Googling Ms Nowlan to find her website… which, by the way can be found over there –>  Anya Nowlan website.

Books that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven are linked back to the review post.

Black Oak Bears

  1.   Bluecollar Bear – Tory & Pierce
  2.   Rancher Bear –
  3.   Farmer Bear –

Shifter Grove Brides

  1.   Make Him Purr
  2.   Billionbears’ New Honey
  3.   Light His fire
  4.   Bear My Love
  5.   Waiting For Wolves
  6.   One Last Prowl
  7.   Buck Me … For Christmas
  8.   Stripes For Love (Shifters in the Spring bundle)

Shift In Time

  1.   Gladiator Bear’s Battle
  2.   Viking bear’s War

Smutty Shifter Shorts

  1.   The Mate: Chosen By The Alpha
  2.   Outcast’s Claim: The Alpha’s Mate
  3.   The Chase: Captured By The wolf
  4.   Outcast’s Pride: Taming An Alpha
  5.   Outcast’s Mate: Catching The Alpha

Frost Brothers’ Brides

  1.   Buck me … For Christmas
  2.   Buck Me … For New Years’
  3.   Buck Me … For Valentine’s Day
  4.   Buck Me … For St. Paddy’s

Firebear Brides

  1.   Bear The Burn
  2.   Bear The Flame
  3.   Bear The Blaze
  4.   Bear The Fire

Puck Bear Brides

  1.   A Bear Victory
  2.   Bear No Loss
  3.   A Bear Goal
  4.   Bear No Defeat

Treasure Lane Dragons

  1.   Billionaire Dragon’s Bride
  2.   Billionaire Dragon’s Mate
  3.   Billionaire Dragon’s Fated

Montana wild Bears

  1.   Find Her Bear
  2.   Wanting her Bear
  3.   Saving Her Bear
  4.   Needing Her Bear

Shifter Squad Six

  1.   Bear My Baby
  2.   Twin Wolf Trouble
  3.   Bad Cat baby Blues

Mates of the Walkers

  1.   The Bond: Bound to the Bear
  2.   Find Him: The Bear’s Curvy Girl
  3.   The Wait: Belonging to the Bear

Sassy Shifter Brides

  1.   Hearts Laid Bear
  2.   No More Lion
  3.   Bear The Cold
  4.   Roar For Her
  5.   The Wolves’ Bride