Sometimes you come across a new to you author quite by accident.  I first read Ashlee Sinn’s work when she co-authored with Meredith Clarke on a Shifter Romance series  Later I went to begin a new series and within the first few paragraphs thought… this isn’t, or can’t be the first story because there’s too much about characters that obviously have a history together.  So, being the curious kitten that I am – I headed to Goodreads for some research and sure enough, I had begun that co-authored series but hadn’t finished it at that time.  I put the story I was reading ‘on hold’ for a bit and went back to complete that first series.

As a result, I  now have another author to keep an eye out for new releases.  *grin*  I love when that happens.  Here’s Ms. Sinn’s official website if you want to check it out –>  Ashlee Sinn

Any titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.

The Callaghan Clan

  1.   Obeying the Bear – Brandt & Emma
  2.   Releasing the Bear – Brennan & Scarlett
  3.   Catching the Bear -Bo & McKenzie

The Alaskan Shifters *connected to Callaghan Clan)

  1.   Lured by the Bear – Derrick & Julia
  2.   Tempted by the Tiger – Major & Fiona
  3.   Caught by the Cougar – Calvin & Sutton
  4.   Desired by the Bear – Zane & Danika
  5.   Wanted by the Wolf – Seth & Eden
  6.   Charmed by the Cougar –

The Shifters of Eagle Creek (connected to Alaskan Shifters)

  1.   Donavon
  2.   Maximus
  3.   Rhys