Sarah J. Stone is a relatively new to me author.  I love finding new authors to follow.  To be fair, not all Shifter Romance authors are ones that I’ll follow.  We all have our preferred style of reading.  I like sex as much as the next reader – but I want the sex to be part of the overall story, not a story tossed around excessive, if hot, sex.  And yes… there is a definite difference.  So although I read a lot of authors, not everyone of them is going to end up with their own page so that I can follow along and catalog my reading history with them.  Only the ones that I truly enjoy.

It took me one short book to become hooked on Sarah J. Stone’s works – and now I have one series to finish up and a back list to explore.  Always a happy chore for this reader.  If you’re  looking for her website – well, I’ve only found her Facebook page so far and it’s over there –>  Sarah J. Stone

If you haven’t discovered her yet, pick up one of her stories.  I think you’ll enjoy what you find.

Titles reviewed here at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.

Wolves of West Valley

  1.   White Star – Carter & Willow

Shadow Claw

  1.   Saved By Alpha Bear – Luke & Cassie
  2.   Desired By Alpha Bear – Kevin & Nina
  3.   Loved By Alpha Wolf – Fergus & Diana
  4.   The Broken Barrier – Ammara & Kalen
  5.   Shift in Power –DNF –this is where the Shadow Claw series and I part ways.  It’s enough to know that Nina has had her baby and that another, greater war is on the horizon.  Far, Far too many times the wrong character’s name was used.  It takes me out of that world and I’m simply done.  I may at some point return… but for now, I’m no longer following this series.  I’ll enjoy what was and leave it at that.

The Hills

  1.   Shifter’s Heart

Exiled Dragons

  1.   Betrayed by a Dragon
  2.   Saved by a Dragon
  3.   Loved by a Dragon
  4.   Desired by a Dragon
  5.   Touched by a Dragon
  6.   Seeking The Dragon
  7.   Journey To India

Stratham Dragons

  1.   Aris
  2.   Ilias

Sons of Terra

  1.   The Guardian Mikhail