Usually you’d see Vicki Lewis Thompson listed on sites that have a lot of Cowboy Romance… ‘cos she does that particular genre so very well.  Yet, you’ll also find her listed in Paranormal Romance… and here in the sub-genre of Shifter Romance for one (at this time) particular series.

I love her work, I’ve read her books, usually through Harlequin, for a very long time… let’s not say exactly how long, okay?  🙂  Anyway, this series is fun, flirty, sexy with danger all over the place… and it’s about werewolves.  aka wolf shifters.  So, yeah, I have this author and this series listed here… and also on my Paranormal blog, Haunted Bookshelf.

Her official website can be found at:  Vicki Lewis Thompson

Titles are linked back to their review posts.

Wild About You

  1.   A Werewolf in Manhattan – Aidan & Emma
  2.   Werewolf in Greenwich Village
  3.   Werewolf in the North Woods
  4.   Werewolf in Seattle
  5.   Werewolf in Denver
  6.   Werewolf in Alaska
  7.   Werewolf in Las Vegas