Lyra Valentine

It’s true that you only need to have read one novel to know if you’ll buy another from that author.  That might sound snobbish, but I don’t mean it that way.  I can usually tell if an author is one that “does it for me” as far as the style, characters and world that they build with one book.   As you may have noticed by now I do a lot of reading through my Kindle Unlimited account – it truly is a great bargain.  And I’ve discovered a lot of authors that way, ones that I might have missed otherwise.  (Hey, at $10 a month for unlimited book borrowing, and the author gets paid for what I’ve read, it’s a win-win for us both)

Lyra Valentine is one of the authors I discovered through using Kindle Unlimited.  First off – lion shifters – really that should be enough of a reason.  🙂  Ms Valentine has written several series, so I have a bit of back list reading to catch up on… but that is certainly not a horrendous task, ya know?  For now, I’ve just begun the Carver City Shifters, and book one was pretty amazing so I’ll continue with that series and try the others in time.

If you’d like to check out Lyra Valentine’s official website the link can be found over there –>  Lyra Valentine

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Carver City Shifters

  1.   Fated For Her Lion – Lena & Ethan
  2.   Embracing Her Lion

The Dragon Lords

  1.   Caught by the Dragon Lord
  2.   Claimed by the Dragon Lord
  3.   Bound by the Dragon Captain
  4.   Bonded to the Dragon Captain
  5.   Enticed by the Dragon Lord
  6.   Entwined by the Dragon Lord

Cutthroat City Wolves

  1.   Wolf in the Boardroom
  2.   Scent of Fate
  3.   Promised to Another
  4.   The Doctor and The Wolf