Brandy Walker

Often, we readers find new authors purely by chance – we pick up something because of the story blurb, the recommendation of a friend or a cover just catches our eye as we scroll through Amazon.  I “met” Brady Walker totally by chance.  A well known paranormal author had made a Facebook post mentioning the Author & Book List page I had made about her Shifter works, and Brandy clicked over to check it out.  She contacted me through my email contact to say hi and ask how her books could make it onto Shifter Haven as well. — Okay, number one – How cool is that?  Really both parts.  And second, I am always up to discover a new author – no real strict requirements to get a page here – I simply would like to read an author’s work before I make a page of their book list.  I’ll be honest, not every author is going to be “for me”, that’s realistic we cannot love everything we read.  So it has to be something I’d enjoy because by making a page I’m kinda recommending authors to people who wander through Shifter Haven.

So, yesterday I cracked open Craving More, Ms Walker’s first publication and part of a series.  *sigh*  You remember that movie line, “You had me at hello”?  Well Ms Walker had me at the very first scene in Craving More.  The story opens with our heroine in her Tiger form in her backyard which borders on woods and a water source – hidden and safe from humans.  Her Tiger is simply enjoying a lazy afternoon, taking a long, through bath, stretching out in the sunlight, going for a dip in the refreshingly cool waters, drying off on the fading warmth of a huge rock… and then in the distance she sees, smells him, another Tiger standing there watching her…  I felt like I was that heroine, every ray of warm sunshine, the crisp cool touch of the water, the anticipation with a touch of fear at seeing another Tiger in my sanctuary… the word picture became real in my mind’s eye and I was totally and completely hooked.  So, Hell Yeah.  When an author can capture my emotions at basically the “hello” part of the story, this is an author who I’m going to follow and read more of.  In fact, after finishing the first story I went out and bought the second and the holiday novella in this series because now I need to know the rest of the story.  If you make me need to know more in a story – you have a dedicated reader from that point onward.

The point of this longer than usual introduction?  Never be afraid to try something new and never hesitate to ask!  You never know what you’ll discover.  🙂

Ms Walker writes Paranormal and Shifter Romance.  Since the focus on this blog is Shifters I’ve only listed those works.  However, here is a link to her Goodreads page  Brandy Walker on Goodreads   and her official website link is right over there –>  Brandy Walker

Any titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Have are linked back to the review post.

Tiger Nip

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Shifter U

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Keystone Predators

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Mystic Zodiac (Paranormal Romance)

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