I love discovering new to me authors in the Shifter Romance genre (or let’s be honest – any genre).  I came across one of Kimber White’s stories and picked up the first of her Wild Ridge Bears series.  What I didn’t know at the time was I really should have started at the very beginning and I soon rectified that oversight.

I really enjoy the worlds she has created for her characters.  Every author’s universe is slightly different, with their own rules and lore.  It takes but a moment to fall into the rhythm of the world these interesting and sexy characters inhabit.

If you are a Shifter Romance reader, then Kimber White is an author I believe you will want to check out.  Her official website can be found at KimberWhite.com – I believe you’ll find something to enjoy among her stories.


Claimed by the Pack – 5 part serial

  1.  The Alpha’s Mark
  2.   Sweet Submission
  3.   Rising Heat
  4.   Pack Wars
  5.   Choosing an Alpha


Wild Lake Wolves

  1.   Rogue Alpha – Malcom (Mal) & Laura
  2.   Dark Wolf – Luke & Tamryn
  3.   Primal Heat
  4.   Savage Moon
  5.   Hunter’s Heart

Wild Ridge Bears

  1.   Lord of the Bears
  2.   Outlaw of the Bears
  3.   Rebel of the Bears
  4.   Curse of the Bears
  5.   Last of the Bears

Mammoth Forest Wolves

  1.   Liam