Terra Wolf writes some amazing Shifter Romance stories, sometimes along with various writing partners.  I’ve got a rather large back list of books to get read and reviewed – yes, that does make me a happy reading camper.  *grin*

Although I could not find an official website for Ms Wolf you can access her Goodreads author page through that link –>  Terra Wolf

I’ve listed her books below, and when I know if they’ve been written with a partner also list that author’s name as well.

Any stories that have been reviewed here on Shifter Haven have been linked back to the review post.

The Johnson Clan

  1.   Benjamin – Lia & Benjamin
  2.   Abraham –
  3.   Ellis –

Promise Lake: The Hawthorne Brothers (with Ally Summers)

  1.   Bear Game – Grayson & Sienna
  2.   Bear Play – Oliver * Savannah

Undercover Bear (with Meredith Clarke)

  1.   Harrison
  2.   Gavin
  3.   Grady
  4.   Sarge – Undercover Tiger
  5.   Shane

Heart of the Bear (with Lily Marie)

  1.   Wounds to Bear
  2.   Grief to Bear
  3.   Love to bear

Bears and Beauties

  1.   Bear With me
  2.   Bear & Beautiful
  3.   Bear & Broken
  4.   Bear & Bold

Wolf Wanders (with Amelia Jade)

  1.   Cinder Wolf
  2.   Feral Wolf
  3.   Rebel Wolf
  4.   Noble Wolf

The Tribe (with Ally Summers)

  1.   Scorch
  2.   Seize
  3.   Sacrifice

Blue Bear Rescue (with Holly Eastman)

  1.   Wilde Bear – Xavier & Laurel
  2.   River Bear – Jake & Delilah

Purrfect Mates (with Misha Carver)

  1.   Purrfect Chaos
  2.   Purrfect Storm
  3.   Purrfect Harmony

Bad Bear (with Meredith Clarke)

  1.   Lesson With The Bear
  2.   Gamble With The Bear

The True Date Agency (with Olivia Arran)

  1.   The Lion’s Pride

Hunter’s Manor (with Meredith Clarke)

  1.   Bear In Sight
  2.   Bear In Love

Scotland Shifter

  1.   Stranded with The Bear
  2.   Escaping With The Bear

Pure Blood (with Meredith Clarke)

  1.   For Bear or For Worse
  2.   To Death Us Bear

Atonement (with Alannah Blacke)

  1.   Bear In Mind
  2.   Mine To Bear
  3.   Bear Down

Stand Alone Stories – not part of a series (yet)

The Alpha’s Fire

Can’t Baby The Fated Mate (with Juno Adams)

Rocker Bear (with Meredith Clarke)