white tiger greneryThere are a  lot of excellent, addicting and just down right sexy Shifter Series on bookshelves (and e-readers) these days.  And every single author creates their own unique Shifter world with its own rules and expectations.  No two are ever exactly alike – oh, they’re close but each one holds something however small as its own special blend of Shifter magic.

I’ve been reading Paranormal Shifter Romance for many, many years now – long before there was actually a category called “Shifter”… officially that is.  Yes, my addiction is very long lived.

Here you will find a listing of the Shifter Series that have been at the least, partially reviewed here at Shifter Haven.

So, I have a confession to make.  This part of Shifter Haven will no longer be updated.  In complete honesty there are simply too many wonderful series that I’ve either already read or plan to read.  The drop-down menu would be a nightmare.

From now on (May 2016) all series that are reviewed here, in any small or large way, will be listed under the author’s name on the SHIFTER AUTHORS & BOOK LISTS drop-down menu and pages.