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Mates, Mermaids, & Murder.

Cats and water don’t mix. Tigers aren’t meant to be dragged to the bottom of the sea, even if it’s to solve a murder. But that itch to claw my way to the surface—it’s blown away by an entirely different desire.

She has unearthly silver hair and violet eyes…not to mention the tail of a fish. But my tiger roars to claim this mermaid, fins and scales and whatever else comes along with her. We come from different worlds, but fate forces us together.

If we can’t solve this murder, there will be war. If we don’t hurry, I’ll lose her forever.

Titles in The Protectors Quick Bites series include — Midnight Wish – I Dream of GrizzlyThe Ocean’s Roar

This series connects to The Protectors series.  For a more complete list of titles in that series and more please visit the Keira Blackwood page.

As the daughter of a dream witch, Valerie has three tricks up her sleeve—even if she hasn’t mastered her powers yet.

1. Count your fingers—if there aren’t ten, you aren’t awake.

2. Magical objects can be used against you. Get smart and wield their power first. 

3. When all else fails, summon a guardian—make him a shifter, a beast of a man built to protect you, built to satisfy your every desire.

But be careful, because it can get awkward when dreams and reality collide…especially if the dream guardian you’ve just stripped naked turns out to be real.

Titles in The Protectors Quick Bites series include — Midnight WishI Dream of Grizzly

This series connects to The Protectors series.  For a more complete list of titles in that series and more please visit the Keira Blackwood page.

In the wake of a tragedy, I find my fate.

One glimpse of her, and I know without question.

She has a gaze as blue as the sky and determination beyond reason. Her family’s ranch teeters on the brink of failure, yet she fights to save what she holds dear, even if she has to do it alone.

Fate is fearless and caring. And she sees me—not just the man, not just the wolf. She sees what lies beneath, and she doesn’t run.

She’s meant to be mine.

Fate is Harper, the girl next door.

Titles in The Protectors Quick Bites include:  Midnight Wish