Furever Mated by Meredith Clarke

Kurt Donnelly is broken. Losing the love of his life in college, caused him to be consumed by rage leading him on a path that made him a bear shifter. Years later after his rage is under control by his bear, all he is left with is sadness and the fear that he will never be able to love again.

Scarlett Jones has bad luck when it comes to finding love. She always falls for the wrong guy. After another relationship ends in disappointment, she looks to her best friends to help boost her confidence.

When Kurt and Scarlett are both dragged on vacation to the Bear Ridge Resort, the infamous matchmaking hotel, they both expect to hide out in their rooms and avoid participating in the events. Little do they know, that a chance meeting in the library will start a path for them to find their true mates.

Connecting stories in an unnamed series include:  Furever Mated – Furever Mine

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