Dragon shifter Noah Pars has spent the last several years spearheading the shifter-wizard alliance that is fighting against the evil dragon, Saul. Now, Saul has grown stronger than any of the alliance members could have imagined, and immediate action must be taken to stop him—or else! Noah devises a plan of action, and is all set to work that plan alone, when he’s forced by the commanders to work with one of the wizard soldiers. And not just any soldier—a soldier named Izzy Torres who, despite her undeniable beauty, is annoyingly timid. Noah doesn’t have time to indulge petty fears, and he makes sure Izzy knows that he won’t be slowing down for her sake. But when Noah’s life is in danger and Izzy turns out to be braver than she seemed, Noah wonders if he’s underestimated how vital this pretty little wizard will be to victory—and how strong the fire he feels for her is burning in his guarded dragon heart. 

Wizard Isabelle Torres, better known as Izzy, never wanted to be a soldier. Her life calling is medicine, and she much prefers saving lives as a doctor to fighting gory battles. But the raging war against evil left her little choice but to join in on the fight, and she’s done her best to pull her weight on one dangerous mission after another. When a final battle looms, however, and she’s confronted with the possibility of once again coming face-to-face with her worst nightmare, Saul, she can’t quite keep up her brave front. She jumps at the chance to accompany Noah, a handsome but proud dragon shifter, on a mission that should keep her far away from the front lines, and far way from Saul. She quickly learns there’s more to Noah than meets the eye, and finds herself falling for him. But before their budding romance can fully bloom, Izzy and Noah are thrown into the final sweeping battle against their worst enemy. Izzy must conquer her greatest fear and face Saul if Noah is to live—and if good is to prevail. Luckily for her, Noah has inspired her to find courage deep within. But will it be enough? 

Can the dragons and wizards finally push back the forces of darkness? And will Izzy and Noah save each other’s hearts and lives before it’s too late? Read this action-packed dragon shifter romance to find out! 

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Redwood Dragons series include:  Defiance and the Dragon – Summer and the Dragon – The Commander and the Dragon – Determination and the Dragon – Destiny and the Dragon – Escape and the Dragon – Stealth and the Dragon – Fury and the Dragon – Courage and the Dragon Victory and the Dragon

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