Drew Maddox has been given orders by the king of the jaguar Tribe. It’s time to start building the Maddox empire. He has a name on a list. A name betrothed to him at birth. He accepts his mission to track and hunt his mate in order to fulfill his shifter duty. 

Francesca March has no idea about her heritage or where she came from. Adopted by humans, she has lived a lonely existence as the only she-panther she knows. Long ago she gave up on happy endings, heroes, and trust. She’s never let anyone get close enough to learn her secret. That is until she meets a stranger on the side of the road. 

Drew knows time is running out. He has to convince Francesca to marry him in less than five days. But with his own secrets haunting him he struggles with how much to tell her without losing her. 

Can Francesca face the reality of what it truly means to be a she-panther, or will Drew keep her in the dark to fulfill his duty? 

Sparks fly. The sheets burn down. And every time they touch a flame ignites. Will fate keep them together, or tear them apart?

Titles in The Tribe series include:  Scorch – Seize – Sacrifice – Shift