Darby’s a wolf shifter’s human daughter. What’s that meant in her life? Her father views her as a flawed individual. A failure. So when her human mother and her shifter father split up, he had no interest in her.

What’s it do to a girl? It creates an obstinate streak that gets caught up on all the wrong priorities. She wants to prove herself to her wolf shifter father by infiltrating the Crooked Arrow Ranch shifters and getting information for her dad. She’s got no plan. She’s shooting from the hip.

Jared’s riled up about the rule-breaking going on at Crooked Arrow. They have brought human mates. Now how is this supposed to fit into the rules on the Virginia Range? Granted, the rules are more of an understanding built on respect. On his grandfather’s principles.

The rules state:
Shifters keep a low profile.
Shifters do not kill humans.
Shifters do not attempt to turn humans.
Lore says it’s a myth that a bite can turn humans. Others say it takes witchery.

Back to Jared. Back to those rules. How can shifters keep a low profile when they are mating with humans for frack’s sake? And what if other packs find out about this? Shifters mating with humans doesn’t guarantee shifter babies. It makes it a coin toss.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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