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Rachel Kane’s recovering from a broken heart. And she’s broke. She’s flat out broke and homeless since she found her boyfriend in her best friend’s arms in the home that he and Rachel shared. A home he owned, so of course, she’s out on her ear now. She’s got an invitation to take an opportunity that takes her out of state and pays for her living expenses.

Maybe some clouds do have silver linings. She’ll take that offer to go to Nevada and study mustangs.

Luke Everhart’s got one thing on his mind. Being left the hell alone. He’s been exiled from his pack—and that’s just fine—and now makes his home near Iron Flats Mesa on the Virginia Range in Nevada. He gets along great with the mustangs that make their home there, and they’re the only company he needs. In fact, he’s their self-appointed guardian, protecting them from some of the ranchers and government bureaucrats who want to manipulate disrupt their freedom. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a certain woman who’s been skulking around, checking out the mustangs, making notes, riding a damned UTV all over the range. He knows she’s from the government, and he has zero trusts in the Bureau of Land Management. He’s wreaked havoc on their expeditions before. Little Miss Hot Researcher has another think coming if she believes she’s going to be able to turn in any research on his band of horses.

How’s Rachel supposed to complete her job when she’s harassed by wolves and a hunky, muscular, blue-eyed, dark-skinned hottie who doesn’t want to do much more than grunt his responses and howl at the moon?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Shifter Realms series include — Iron Flats Exile – Iron Flats Justice – Iron Flats Rebel – Iron Flats Maverick –

There are so many more series out by the talented Elle Thorne, please visit our Elle Thorne page to find titles, series, and reviews done here at Shifter Haven.

She’s been bought by a monster.

Her pack has sold her to science. Not just science, but the dark, sick side of science.

My job is simple. I’m being paid to turn in whoever set up these monstrous labs. But once I see her, the Bear in me is clawing, roaring, bull-heading his way out of me.

I never lose my mind, but for her, I do. I lose all sense of propriety, all sense of duty and mission. I need to break her out of here.

I don’t know where this is going. But I have two options: I can guess, or I can bluff. I choose to bluff.

Let them try to stop me. I’ll tear their throats out. I’ll fight to the end.

‘Cause she belongs to me.

We’re the Bear Justice MC. We’re like paid vigilantes, on the hush-hush end of things, making sure that justice is served in this world. We’re kept off the books, off the radar, and if we ever get caught doing what we do… things won’t be pretty. But there’s no rest for the wicked. So let’s get the engine roaring. Duty calls.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Bear Justice MC series include — Sold to the Beast – Mated to the Beast – Broken Out by the Beast – Claimed by the Beast – Rescued by the Beast – Kidnapped by the Beast – Tamed by the Beast –

An unplanned promotion to a princess!

Carina was just trying to advance to a manager position at her accounting firm. Instead, she uncovered the dirty secrets of a giant bank, got framed for murder, and fled the country. Now she’s hiding out in a van with a stray dog in the kingdom of Alaska…

…And a gorgeous park ranger is telling her that she’s his destiny (and also, camping illegally on royal land).

Before she knows it, she’s whisked off to a palace on the arm of a dragon shifter (!) prince and fitted for a crown…because she’s been chosen by an ancient magic spell to be the mate of the next king of Alaska.

As the youngest (and arguably most unsuitable) prince, Toren never thought that he would be tapped to rule, but he knows that Carina is worth the weight of his new duties. Now he’s just got to figure out how to be a king, and even more importantly, how to protect his queen-to-be from old enemies…and new foes who will stop at nothing to see Alaska fall.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Royal Dragons of Alaska series include — The Dragon Prince of Alaska

Elva Birch also writes under the Zoe Chant group of writer friends pseudonym… and it’s no secret anymore since that information can be easily found on the official Zoe Chant website and in the back of the e-books.  Also, all titles written by Elva Birch or her Zoe Chant pen name, and have been reviewed at Shifter Haven are listed here on her Elva Birch page, visit it to discover more about this amazing writer who gives us sexy, funny, emotional stories that are truly addictive.

Bear shifter Bryson Cruise is a man of few words. He says what needs to be said when it needs to be said and lives his life the same way. Working security at a Colorado mountain resort is the perfect job and suits his loner lifestyle just fine.

Then he meets Leah Jacobson, and for the first time in his life, he’s speechless. He’s never been big on dating, never had lasting relationships, and didn’t know the first thing about courting a mate. Add in the fact that Leah is human, has no clue shifters exist, and things get way more complicated.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Seneca Falls Shifters series include — Tempting the Wild Wolf – Captivated by the Cougar – Enchanting the Bear – Enticing the Wolf – Teasing the Tiger

Victoria is successful in every part of her life… except when it comes to love.  She’s put her blood, sweat, and tears into building her company.  But she’s still unfulfilled.

She’s dated the so-called “cream of the crop” of investment bankers, lawyers, doctors, and even CEOs…   Uninspired, the result always ends up being the same – an empty bottle and an empty bed.


Ex-military. Single dad. Bear shifter.
Standing in at 6’4, Luke is all brawn.
Big muscles.
Big hands.
Big heart.

But BIG isn’t enough to handle his two children… Let alone the town that relies on him to fill the Sheriff’s shoes.

When fate brings these two opposites together, there is an instant attraction.  However, things are far from perfect as Luke and Victoria are confronted with new challenges that push them over the edge in more ways imaginable.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Special Bear Protection Collection include — Alpha’s Second Chance (read & rated) – Single Dad Matchmate – Claimed by a Beast – Military Matchmate – Special Forces Bear Shifter Mate –

His mate is on the run. His dragon will do whatever it takes to protect her…

Will their love survive?

Dragon shifter, Kelos, has lived a solitary life. When he finally decides to settle down in Bear Creek the last thing he expects is to find his true mate. After all, he’s waited centuries for her.

It’s love, and lust, at first sight. But Kelos needs to keep his emotions in check until the danger surrounding his mate is dealt with.  Who is he trying to fool? There’s no way this dragon shifter can deny his feelings for his mate. Which means he has to deal with the people threatening his mate’s family now.  Would breathing dragon-fire over their foe or perhaps biting their head off be overkill? Unfortunately, those days are way in the past and they have to play by the rules of the modern world. Pity.

A phone call from her brother sends Amber on the run with her sister-in-law and two children. Sworn to keep them safe, she travels to the house of an old friend…never expecting to meet a dragon shifter who claims she is his mate.  Amber doesn’t have time to deal with being anyone’s mate. Not when her brother’s family is in danger.

However, meeting Kelos is a blessing in disguise, literally, since he swears to protect them with his life. Not that she wants him to die any time soon.  Especially not when she’s already falling in love with him. Who wouldn’t? He’s handsome, strong, and has a primal need to protect her. 

His treasure is not so bad either!  But he says he’d give it all up for her. Now that’s how to win a woman’s heart.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.  A silverback seasoned shifters romance.

Titles in the Spring – Shifter Seasons series include – Kelos

(in my way of keeping track of series/spin-off series this Shifter Season series is broken down by season — although it seems that the book numbers are continuing chronologically – in any event, they are amazing series that definitely connect)

Titles in the Winter – Shifter Seasons series include – Hex – Beck – Mac

This series is a spin-off from the Return to Bear Creek world and the Seasoned Silverback Shifters as well – if you love anything by Harmony Raines, including her many connecting series then please visit our Harmony Raines page for lists of series and titles (almost all) reviewed here at Shifter Haven.

Asa Wulfsen, brother to Range, Jason, and Davin, is a wolf shifter. A dire wolf shifter. Former special ops under a Joint Special Operations Command. JSOC, as they called it back when he and his brothers were involved. Back when he was normal.

Emme Winter is a Valkyrie on a mission. She’s got to find her missing sister. Eira left Houston for parts unknown. Now, it’s crucial that Emme find her before the Valkyrie Tribunal Fist does. Eira knew very well Valkyrie did not leave the life behind. Being a Valkyrie was not a job. It was who they were.

Her mission is simple—find her sister and let her know there’s a death warrant on her. Until Emme meets a dire wolf shifter with a bigger problem than her sister.

Now, not only is Emme putting her life on the line to save her sister from the Fist, she’s trying to save a wolf shifter from himself.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Finally After Dark series which is part of the Shifters Forever Worlds ongoing series/spin-offs include — Origins – ChallengeDamage – Ravage –

A listing of Elle Thorne’s many series, most part of the larger Shifters Forever Worlds series, and links to reviews done here at Shifter Haven can be found on the Elle Thorne page.

Home is where you take it…

Wildlands firefighter and wanderer Jamie couldn’t wait to escape the tiny, nosy town of Green Valley and she has no intention of staying, now that she’s back. She doesn’t want roots, and she doesn’t make plans…until she meets a gorgeous guy waiting tables at the local diner and suddenly settling down doesn’t feel like settling.

Home is where you make it…

Programmer and lynx shifter Devon is used to fixing broken things, and he’s moved to a sleepy country town to give his little sister a chance at happiness. But it’s his own happiness at stake when he unexpectedly meets a woman who sets his entire world…and his house…on fire.

Faced with a flock of angry wild turkeys, a sassy twelve-year-old on the cusp of growing up, and all the unexpected secrets that Green Valley is hiding, can Devon convince Jamie that home is exactly where she left it?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Green Valley Shifters series include —  Dancing Bearfoot – The Tiger Next Door – Dandelion Season – Bearly Together – Broken Lynx

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They said he was missing, but she knew she could find him… because the connection between them is stronger than lifelong friendship… they were soulmates.

Tamsin Ellery wasn’t the person Graystoke Environmental wanted to send to Africa on a rescue mission, but she was the one willing to go. Her lifelong friend, Donal Graystoke, the largest shareholder and CEO of the corporation disappeared nearly four years before, working to protect wildlife from poachers and trophy hunters.
It doesn’t matter how many people tell her that she’ll never find him after so many years away. Her heart tells her he’s still alive. And she loves him too much to ever give up.

Before Donal Graystoke traveled to Africa, he believed he was dying. The feral anger and the blackouts left him drained for days afterward. Even though every doctor he saw said nothing was wrong he was afraid that the family’s curse had reared its head. His grandfather had suffered from an undiagnosed malady that sent him running to the other side of the globe to die in solitude.

To protect the only person he loved, he lost himself in one final good deed. He dedicated what was left of his life to saving the animals he had always treasured in Africa, only to find that what he carried within was more than a disease it was a gift. Harnessing the power of the wild, shifting into the form and majesty of a gorilla, giving him a new mission in life.

Tamsin wondered at the cruelty of fate. Finding Donal alive only to discover that both of them are in the crosshairs of men determined to end their love before it truly begins. Can Donal’s gift give their love a real chance?

Stand-Alone Title (at this time)

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

He carries handcuffs, a HUGE nightstick, and my heart.

Never trust a shifter. That’s what Cordelia’s notorious witch mom always told her. But with malevolent magic in the air, the local shifter pack is pointing their furry fingers in Cordelia’s direction. If she’s going to save her witch skin and stop causing inadvertent tornadoes, Cordelia has to go on the run. First stop? The town of Forbidden.

With a magical fugitive on the loose, it’s up to shifter law enforcement to find her. Bear shifter Matt is on the case if he doesn’t run her over first. When he cuffs her to his bed, he knows he has to turn her in.

Two problems: she’s naked, and she’s his mate.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Alphas & Alchemy Fierce Mates series include – Claimed in Forbidden – Fated in Forbidden  – Bound to Forbidden Caught in Forbidden – Mated in Forbidden –

(This series is a connection between Keira’s Alpha & Alchemy series and Liza’s Fierce Mates series that is simply explosive and I suspect addictive so get started now.)