TBR Tower of Doom (purchased)

I hesitated on making a TBR page… but the reality is that I’ll often purchase a book with the intent of reading it later that week.  Then life happens, I get distracted — and the book goes unread.  (not good for a book review site, right?)

So, the creation of my TBR Tower of Doom or otherwise known as purchased books I need to get read… now!  I make no promises, but at least I know where to figure out where my next read is coming from.

Bear Temptation by Novalee Swan (Shifter Town #1)

Caging Ash by Novalee Swan (Shifter Town #2)

Wolf Down by Novalee Swan (Shifter Town #3)

Bear Essentials by Novalee Swan (Shifter Town #4)

Catch the Cougar by Terry Spear (Halloween novella Heart of the Wolf connected)

Wild Homecoming by Liza Street (Fierce Mates: Dark Pines Pack #1)

Wild Atonement by Liza Street (Fierce Mates: Dark Pines Pack #2)

Wild Reunion by Liza Street (Fierce Mates: Dark Pines Pack #3)

Wild Engagement by Liza Street (Fierce Mates: Dark Pines Pack #4) – (The Fierce Mates: Dark Pines Pack was partially reviewed, I purchased the series to get caught up on the reviews)

Dead of Winter by T.S. Joyce (Battle of the Bulls #2)

Destined in Forbidden by Keira Blackwood and Liza Street ( – Catch Up!)

Filthy Alpha by Liza Street (Junkyard Shifters #3)

An Alpha’s Fortune by Haley Weir (Kismet Dating Agency #1)