Challenges 2021

It’s that time of year again.  Reading Challenges for 2021 are starting to pop everywhere… and so many are slightly different in a reflection of the chaos of 2020 with different guidelines and goals.  So, be certain to check out their pages on the sites that are hosting 2021 Challenges to learn all the details. (the graphic will be linked back to the announcement page for each Challenge that Shifter Haven is involved in this time around)

2021 Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge

I have so many books on my Kindle (specifically for Shifter Haven that I’ve purchased) that I need to get read – like yesterday!  So, this one is personal *glares at my TBR tower*








2021 Alphabet Soup – Author Edition Reading Challenge

I’m actually also doing this one over on my Keeper Bookshelf blog – but – since Shifter Haven is rather unique in being only Shifter (Paranormal) Romance I thought it would be an additional challenge for me to see just how many author’s names (or parts of them) that I could fill in with this particular genre. 🙂










COYER Seasons

I’ve done COYER Challenges over the years and had fun.  This year I’m going to put Shifter Haven in (instead of Keeper Bookshelf) – I have so many e-books that qualify on my Kindle that it’s perfect for COYER Seasons this year.  I won’t officially be doing COYER Community, I am part of the Facebook group and will pop in for some challenges in Community along the way, but that won’t be my main focus.

((Go to the official website for each Season’s requirements!))









And… that’s good for me.  I’m looking forward to these, I believe I can make some headway in each and every single one I joined.  As always, the problem comes in documenting my reviews, books I’ve read on each Challenge’s linking system.  I’m really looking forward to COYER, to be frank – that is the one I’m going to focus on doing right and completing (for once)!