Reading Challenges 2022

It’s become an annual thing, January comes around – a new start, black page, etc., etc. – and I start looking for ways to get my TBR under control (or at least be able to pretend it will be one day).  The hard part is that I will utterly fail at this Reading Challenge for 2022.  I know it as well as I know my own name.  The difference this time around is I’m going to own that failure right up front and still keep on trying.  I managed to get a Reading Challenge finished in 2021 on another blog, so I know it’s possible… now to expand that success a bit further. 🙂

Beat the Backlist 2022 is a fun, low-key challenge that lets each reader pretty much make this challenge uniquely their own.  The ‘rules’ are light as in:

The guidelines are simple:

  1. The book must be published in the previous year or earlier (for the 2022 challenge, anything published in 2021 or earlier counts).
  2. You have to start and finish the book in 2022.
  3. And that’s it!

Any format, any genre. Re-reads count, and you don’t have to own the book. It’s open for the entire year so whenever you feel like jumping in, you can!

Seriously?  How much easier than that can you get?  There’s even a handy prompt list below.  Follow either the text link above or click on the graphic to start your own Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge for 2022.