Rogers, Moira (Kit Rocha)

Moira Rogers

Moira Rogers is the writing duo of Bree and Donna, best friends who also write under the pen names of Kit Rocha and Joelle Knox.  Their MOIRA ROGERS   website can be found through that link <- back there.

The reason this duo has their own page here is because of the magical, shape-shifting, wizard-ing, and simply amazing paranormal series The Southern Arcana.  The series (and the stories) are alive with passion, intrigue, magic, pack politics, deep friendships and most of all love – love of friends, family and that one special person who makes a world complete.  I was not able to put these stories down.  In fact, I ran through the entire series without stopping even to write up the reviews (which I’ll do here shortly)… in the middle of packing for a move in two weeks.  If that doesn’t tell you how addicting and how good these stories are, then I don’t know what else I can say to convince you — except maybe, read them for yourself and you’ll discover a wonderful world filled with every paranormal thing that makes you addicted to Shifter Romance.

The Southern Arcana series

  1.  Crux
  2. Crossroads
  3. Deadlock
  4. Cipher
  5. Impulse
  6. Enigma

There are a couple novellas as well – two were free gifts at one time on the Moira Rogers website and the other is now available for the Kindle for free (at this writing).

2.4  A Peyton Family Christmas

2.5  Zola’s Pride

3.5  Two Wedding and One Near Funeral

Unfortunately, for me, I’ve only been able to find  Zola’s Pride since I only recently discovered this series which has been reissued with brand new covers.