A Bit About Me

Hey there – glad to see you checking me out.  I know I shouldn’t acknowledge that so obviously, but really how are you supposed to know why this site exists if you don’t explore a bit.

My name is Marsha and I run, contribute to, or am obsessed with several book review blogs.  The main place you would find me and my reviews are at Keeper Bookshelf – that is the hodgepodge blog with several genres of romance novels that I’ve reviewed either through my own purchase of the books or borrowed through my Kindle Unlimited account, borrowed through my local public library, 1-Clicked for free novellas on Amazon, gifts given to me by friends or occasionally by authors looking for reviews, or lastly, been granted the right to review pre-published ARC editions of future novels through NetGalley.

I began Keeper Bookshelf in January of 2015.  As I spent more time reviewing books my interests in the different genres began to grow.  Oh, I’ve always enjoyed delving into different types of stories before but now I’m concentrating on the genres that really interest me the most.  And for those genres, I’ve created individual websites (blogs) that focus mainly on one specific genre of stories.

And that is why Shifter Haven was born in December of 2015.  I’ve discovered that I absolutely adore any shifter novel.  And while I do occasionally publish shifter reviews on my Paranormal-y Romantic blog, 99% of Shifter Romance titles will be reviewed right here.

One thing to keep in mind about this particular blog – as a general rule shifter couples are extremely sexual.  It’s their nature, you could say.  Still, because of that fact, I would have to warn any reader of this blog that Shifter Haven is mostly an adult, readers over 18+ years of age sort of place.  (not that I could stop anyone younger from clicking into this site – but the warning is there in place just the same)

If you love shifters of any type, then I believe you will find something of interest here at Shifter Haven.  I will do my best to make it an entertaining spot to visit.  And I do thank you for wandering in and having a look around.