Jade, Amelia

Amelia Jade writes gripping, intriguing Shifter Romances.  I’ll be honest and say that not all of her series capture me completely.  They are good stories, please don’t get me wrong – but I do not always “connect” with the characters… and that happens with any author, to be honest.

Yet those that I do feel a connection, a needing to know more of their story takes me over the top in enjoyment factors and just a damned good story.  So, like many authors, Amelia Jade is (for me) an author I enjoy, will pick up her books – but will be selective in what ones I will call favorites.

If you haven’t read any of her works yet – then give them a try.  Darker, grittier Shifter Romances yes – but really good stories.  You may just find a new author to be following.  🙂

(There is no website to send you to in order to check out this author, only a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in years… a bit sad here, but life happens.)

Any titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.

The Outsiders:

The Outsiders series showcases Ms. Jade’s love of sci-fi combined with her complex yet lovable Shifters.  This is a set of series, much like the Cadia universe, where we get a bit deeper over several short series.  

Crimson Dragons

  1.   Dragon Temptation
  2.   Dragon Seduction
  3.   Dragon Devotion

Onyx Dragons

  1.   Dragon Fixation
  2.   Dragon Obsession
  3.   Dragon Addiction

Ice Dragons

  1.   Dragon Eruption
  2.   Dragon Redemption
  3.   Dragon Rebellion

Cobalt Dragon

  1.   Dragon Blood
  2.   Dragon Heart
  3.   Dragon Soul

Emerald Dragons

  1.   Dragon Passion
  2.   Dragon Desire
  3.   Dragon Craving


Top Scale Academy

  1.   Frost Dragon
  2.   Fire Dragon
  3.   Electro Dragon

Dragons of Cadia

  1.   Gale Dragon
  2.   Fume Dragon
  3.   Aurun Dragon

Base Camp Bears

  1.   Green Bearets:  Luther
  2.   Green Bearets:  Aksel
  3.   Green Bearets:  Jarvis
  4.   Green Bearets:  Garrin
  5.   Green Bearets:  Kiefer
  6.   Green Bearets – Gabriel

Koche Brothers

  1.   Blackjack Bears:  Pierce
  2.   Blackjack Bears:  Kean
  3.   Blackjack Bears:  Gavin
  4.   Blackjack Bears:  Kassian
  5.   Blackjack Bears:  Maximus

Fated Mate

  1.   Wing Her Over – Andrew & Karri
  2.   Big Bad Wolf Dad – Harden & Erika
  3.   Bad Bad Bear Dad – Gray & Kelly
  4.   Big Bad Bear Daddy – Hector & Rachel
  5.   Bigger Badder Bear Dad – Noah & Angela
  6.   Baddest Bear Dad – Braden & Elle
  7.   Furnace –
  8.   Furred Lines –

Top Academy – Dragons of Cadia – Base Camp Bears all connect to one central story line. You will find mention of characters in previous or future stories scattered throughout all the stories.  Strongly suggest that these be read in order for the greatest entertainment benefit.

The Koche Brothers series is still about Cadia, but this series follows characters we met in the Base Camp Bear series, the unruly Koche brothers.  While their stories involve Cadia and threats to their homeland, it’s not directly about the war between Cadia and Fenris.  Interlinking, connected, yes.  If reading in order then Koche Brothers would come right after Base Camp Bears.

The fun in Cadia isn’t over just yet – Fated Mates takes us back to Cloud Lake for more adventures with characters we’ve run into before as they and others find their Fated Mates.  

Dragons of Drake’s Crossing

  1.   Inferno
  2.   Ember

Ridgeback Bears

  1.   Jade Crew:  Alpha Bear
  2.   Jade Crew:  Haunted Bear
  3.   Jade Crew:  Forgotten Bear
  4.   Jade Crew:  Captive Bear
  5.   Jade Crew:  Outcast Bear
  6.   Jade Crew:  Hunted Bear
  7.   Jade Crew:  Fallen

Bluff Bears

  1.   Rogue Bear
  2.   Outlaw Bear
  3.   Broken Bear
  4.   Junkyard Bear

Stone Bears

  1.   Sentinel
  2.   Phoenix
  3.   Guardian

The Agency

  1.   Sentinel:  Bravo Bear
  2.   Blackblood Bear
  3.   Silver Bullet Bear
  4.   Kingpin Bear

Genesis Valley

  1.   Blueblood Bear
  2.   Black Market Bear

Quicksilver Dragon

  1.   Dragon Marked
  2.   Dragon Bound