Shae, Ruby

Ruby Shae

Ruby Shae writes hot, sizzling Shifter Romance… usually bears in tight-knit clans (but not always 🙂 ) – all looking for that special someone to spend their life with.  Some know who, others need a bit of help – but they all are sexy, hot, and well worth your interest.  *wink*

I’ve read most of Ms. Shae’s work, haven’t reviewed it all though, so that needs to be taken care of.  Not a hardship to re-read some of these stories…at all.

Her official website can be found by following that link over there –>  RUBY SHAE

Any titles that have been reviewed at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.

Grizzly Bear Lake

  1.   Broken River
  2.   Flawless River
  3.   Loyal River
  4.   Hopeless River

Shadow Bears

  1.   Bear In Love
  2.   Bear In Trouble

The Enforcers

  1.   Bear Security
  2.   Bear Sentry
  3.   Bear Assassin

Wild Bear

  1.   Lucky Bear
  2.   Bunny Bear
  3.   Savage Bear

North Pole

  1.   Jingle Bear
  2.   Silent Bear
  3.   Little Drummer Bear

Bear Canyon Brides

  1.   Bear Seeking Bride:  Travis
  2.   Bear Seeking Bride:  Tyler
  3.   Bear Seeking Bride:  Trent
  4.   Bear Seeking Bride:  Luke
  5.   Bear Seeking Bride:  Drew
  6.   Bear Seeking Bride:  Thorn

Bear Mountain

  1.   Lone Bear
  2.   Brother Bear
  3.   Double Bear
  4.   Idle Bear
  5.   Lost Bear

Polar Bliss

  1.   Beary Overdue
  2.   Beary Guarded
  3.   Beary Secure
  4.   Beary Familiar

Blackbeary Creek

  1.   Ethan – Ethan & Tegan
  2.   Tristian
  3.   Aiden
  4.   Zach
  5.   Graham