Blackwood, Keira

Keira Blackwood is an author that I discovered in, perhaps, an unusual way.  I post my reviews on the blog written for (I have several, one main and specific genre that I enjoy), Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, my Facebook page, and sometimes at Barnes & Noble.  I had noticed over the past couple of months that I was getting likes on my Goodreads posts from Keira.  Well, being the curious cat that I am, I always check out the page for those who like my stuff.  Saw that Keira is, in fact, Keira Blackwood a paranormal author.  At the time I was coming out of knee replacement surgery, my reviewing was way down because of pain and not being able to sit at the computer for very long = needless to say, I was behind on reviews.  So I thought, Okay, cool.  I’ll have to check out her stuff.  Today I got the first chance to do that, and in fact, just finished Running To The Pack.

Ms. Blackwood writes emotionally satisfying, deeply detailed, and definitely sexy romances of the Shifter world.  Her characters come alive on the page, and it doesn’t take long to be involved in their stories.  If you haven’t had the chance to read any of her work yet – then I would suggest you get started, I would recommend her books.

See?  You just never know how or where you’re going to discover another amazing author!

Sawtooth Peak

  1.   Running To The Pack
  2.   Defending  The Pack
  3.   Uniting The Pack
  4.   Howl For The Holidays – Amy & Harkins
  5.   Revenge – Axel & Penny


  1.   Grizzly Bait 
  2.   Grizzly Mate
  3.   Grizzly Fate

The Protectors Unlimited (connects to Riverwood)

  1.   Can’t Prove Shift – Mason & Caitlyn
  2.   Suave as Shift – Lincoln & Juliana
  3.   In Deep Shift – Zane & Mia

Protectors of the Pack (Sawtooth pack connected)

  1.   Bodyguard– Reynolds and Alex
  2.   Enemies –  Witt & Zoe
  3.   Heir – Hunter & Grace
  4.   Warrior – Dax & Cora
  5.   Scoundrel – Jett & Paige

The Protectors Quick Bites (with Eva Knight)

  1.   Midnight Wish – Chase & Harper
  2.   I Dream of Grizzly – Valerie & Deckard
  3.   The Ocean’s Roar – Selene & Vaughn
  4.   To Catch A Werewolf – Gemma & Sebastian
  5.   Outfoxed – Tate & Madison
  6.   Tactics and Tails – Aubrey & Oliver

Alphas & Alchemy: Elemental Shifters (With Eva Knight)

  1. Dragon Guardian of Land – Astra & Celedon
  2. Wolf Warrior of Land – Thorn & Briar
  3. Dragon Guardian of Water – Ruarc & Polly
  4. Bear Warrior of Water – Hale & Indra

Alphas & Alchemy Fated Mates (with Liza Street)

  1.   Claimed in Forbidden – Declan & Daphne
  2.   Fated in Forbidden –  Sophie & Finn
  3.   Bound to Forbidden – Anna & James
  4.   Caught in Forbidden – Cordelia & Matt
  5.   Mated in Forbidden – Caleb & Moira
  6. Forever in Forbidden – Brody & Pearl

Stand Alone Titles