Mated in Forbidden by Keira Blackwood & Liza Street

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What’s worse than finding out you have a doppelganger? Finding out you have a doppelbanger. And he’s impregnated half the town.

In search of a new place to live, Moira finds the perfect home only to discover that her nemesis, Caleb, has also put in an offer.

The last thing Moira wants to do is deal with him. So what if his skills in the sack are legendary? So what if she’s spent more than one night fantasizing about that crude mouth of his?

If there’s one thing Moira has–that he lacks–it’s self-control. And access to lots of batteries to fuel her fantasies.

Caleb can’t always remember who has enjoyed the delights of his prowess in the bedroom. But he’s pretty sure he’d remember if he’d bumped uglies without protection.

How is a reformed Casanova supposed to prove he’s changed and win over the woman of his dreams when everyone keeps claiming he’s their baby daddy?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Alphas & Alchemy Fierce Mates series include – Claimed in Forbidden – Fated in Forbidden  – Bound to Forbidden – Caught in Forbidden – Mated in Forbidden

(This series is a connection between Keira’s Alpha & Alchemy series and Liza’s Fierce Mates series that is simply explosive and I suspect addictive so get started now.)

Title:  Mated in Forbidden
Series:  Alphas & Alchemy Fierce Mates #5
Author:  Keira Blackwood & Liza Street
Published:  July 6, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Every time I think that the ‘Alphas & Alchemy Fierce Mates‘ series located in Forbidden simply cannot get funnier, sexier, or more outrageous… Keira and Liza prove me wrong.  Every Single Time.  ‘Mated in Forbidden‘ is the perfect example of that strange fact.  In the previous story, ‘Caught in Forbidden‘ we met Caleb and Moira – well, a much older in appearance, a horny dirty old man who saw his mate in Moira since at that time Caleb had been spelled into the physical (and perhaps mental attitude) of a very old man by one nasty spirit.  Moira wants nothing to do with Caleb all the while fighting a growing attraction to the man who never met a female he didn’t want to enjoy sexually.  Watching them, at that time, as secondary characters often made me laugh at their antics… and now we have their story, and it’s not all laughter and sexiness (but there is a lot of both).

Once again, something strange is happening in Forbidden.  Lots, and I mean, lots of ladies are coming up pregnant within the previous week (the time when Caleb was spelled into that dirty old man and unable to do any of his normal carousing about town with the ladies) – but they physically appear to be around 8 months pregnant and ready to pop any day.  Caleb knows he isn’t the father, but every woman swears it was him in their beds.  Unfortunately, even though she knew what happened to Caleb, Moira believes it, too.  And when they bump heads over a condo/apt that they each want individually, sparks are going to fly as Caleb tries to win his girl, and Moira tries to fight against the need for a man she suspects will never settle for one woman, mate or not.  Soon they are neck-deep in a mystery that affects their present, their future, and the town they both love.

As always with this series, I had a blast with ‘Mated in Forbidden‘.  There are twists and turns, sizzling sexy moments, the gang to catch up with… and two people who really do belong together, they just have to get there in spite of everything in the past and going on now.  If you read Shifter Romance then you already like your romance sexy… but with this series, you’re going to get laugh-out-loud funny with a few snort-giggles tossed in as well.  Always expect the unexpected in Forbidden.

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