St. Clair, Georgette

Georgette St. Clair writes some pretty amazing Shifter Romance and Paranormal Romance stories with truly feisty, sassy, and strong female leads.  Of course, the guys are arrogant, hot, sexy and possessive.  Pretty near perfect alpha males, with equally already are or soon will be alpha female mates.

My list of read stories by Ms. St. Clair isn’t long just yet… but it certainly is growing.  To be honest, I just need to pick a series or two from her backlist, or the newest release and just dive in.

Georgette St. Clair’s official website can be found at that link over there –>  Georgette St. Clair.  For her complete book list and other tidbits, you can check her out officially there.

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Shift Happens

  1. What The Howl?